Reducing the Costs of Mania

Jerry Kennard Health Pro
  • It may be something you said, or something you did, but nearly everyone who experiences hypomania or mania has a story or two about the darker side. Grand plans, risky investments, financial donations, hurtful comments, affairs, turning to drink, aggression, these are just a few of the possibilities. Such indiscretions may be minor or they may have huge consequences for the person with bipolar or others. Either way, anything that can help reduce the costs of mania is worth considering.


    Perhaps the first and most important issue is to remember to take medication. In mania the sense of wellbeing can be so strong that some people are tempted to leave their medication on the shelf. It's a mistake that can result in mood states escalating to a point far in excess and far longer than necessary if medication is taken consistently.

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    Yet, some interesting and creative ideas come about as a result of mood changes. A balance needs to be found about how best to manage these ideas. One plan might be to write them down for subsequent evaluation. It's quite possible that one or more are excellent and it would be a shame to overlook them. Equally, some might be good but later seen to be impractical and some - well let's not go there.


    If you know money can be an issue there is sense in avoiding situations that encourage you and your cash to part company. You might, for example, pass your purse to someone trusted. Try to avoid making any financial decisions or putting yourself in situations that encourage spending.


    Awareness of time is a feature of going high. Some people feel a great sense of irritation with the slow pace of things around them. They want action and activity and this is part of the pressure they feel to swing into action. It's not uncommon for several projects to be started but never properly thought through as to their short or longer-term implications. For this reason it can be very important both to use and to listen to people around you that you trust. With one or two possible exceptions there are very few things that are so important and so pressing that they have to be done immediately.


    Anyway, these are just a couple of ideas so any extra you'd like to add as a comment will help to develop this resource.

Published On: October 27, 2009