Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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Broken_Barbie, Community Member


bipolar hell or just an awful person?

As I am writting this,my life has taken a bad turn and the light in which things proved really to be,its anything but pretty.

Here is how it stars:a few years back i thought my life has been trully blessed as i thought i met THE ONE.

He was much older then me,the most charming and intense man that has ever lived.And i fell... Read moreChevron

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John McManamy

John McManamy, Health Guide

Author and Advocate

Lithium to Treat Bipolar - The Evidence

Here’s a monster irony for you: Lithium, by far the most-studied of the bipolar meds, is also the one that doctors manifest the most ignorance and likewise the greatest reluctance to prescribe. 


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HeyJude, Community Member

Have lived in NJ, KY, and currently in MI, my home state.


Rene Russo (Lethal Weapon) and Jake Gillenhall will be on The 'Queen Latifah Show" later this month to promote "Nightcrawler", their new movie.


Rene will be talking about her lifelong battle with bipolar.  It's her "Coming Out".  The show taped earlier this week & will air on Thurs, Oct... Read moreChevron

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John McManamy

John McManamy, Health Guide

Author and Advocate

Voting in an Oligarchy and How Golf Factors Into My Decision

It is this time of year that I am most grateful not to have a TV. For those of you who are similarly blessed, I will fill you in: There is an election around the corner. My quick take - if the political ads don’t disabuse you of the notion of US-style democracy, then the political commentary... Read moreChevron

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