Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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COTS, Community Member


What I have, not what I am!

I have been reading your post and so relate. I always want to caution people who say "i'm bipolar", we are not, it is what we have. 


I am sad today. My husband and I both have the diagnosis of bilolar. I have only ever had one extreme episode, ran on hypomania all of my life. The hypermanic episode I experienced was at the... Read moreChevron

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Chosen, Community Member


Strange days

I'm terribly interested in the connection between bipolar disorder and paranormal activity. Things have been going on for many years, perhaps my whole life. As a child I remember my mother calling me peculiar. The activity really amped up about 4 years ago when one morning I woke to find bruises covering both legs, some like finger marks others... Read moreChevron

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Hysterically crazy

Hysterically crazy, Community Member


Funny manic episodes

I have had a few too many manic episodes. I am writing a book about some of the episodes I have had and heared from others. I'm trying to share these stories and add a funny twist on them but reading other stories just sound sad to me.
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andromeda 19 years old

andromeda 19 years old, Community Member


i`m a living freak with high IQ and biopolar and ADHD please just read this

so how to begin (before i begin i should say i felt so many things and i don`t know what is normal and what isn`t) my story let`s c even when i was a child i had problems with people i didn`t know who i was and stuff like this my older sister says u used to talk based on logic as a very little kid but people kept... Read moreChevron

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venusharris49, Community Member


49 with Bipolar

I have been living with Bipolar for 10years and have had my struggles and up and downs. My days are good as long as I have a Health diet. I love to eat fruits and veggies. My diet and exercise help keep me stable I look forward to it every day.

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