Sunday, August 28, 2016
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andromeda 19 years old

andromeda 19 years old, Community Member


i`m a living freak with high IQ and biopolar and ADHD please just read this

so how to begin (before i begin i should say i felt so many things and i don`t know what is normal and what isn`t) my story let`s c even when i was a child i had problems with people i didn`t know who i was and stuff like this my older sister says u used to talk based on logic as a very little kid but people kept... Read moreChevron

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venusharris49, Community Member


49 with Bipolar

I have been living with Bipolar for 10years and have had my struggles and up and downs. My days are good as long as I have a Health diet. I love to eat fruits and veggies. My diet and exercise help keep me stable I look forward to it every day.

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Chato B Stewart of Mental Health Humor

Chato B Stewart of Mental Health Humor, Community Member

Mental Health Humor -

Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder Drawn by Chato Stewart of Mental Health Humor

Symptoms Of MY Bipolar Disorder Drawn by ME Chato Stewart of Mental Health Humor Blog at Psych Central. The Family Stew is a cartoon series I draw about me and my family living with... Read moreChevron

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k_mccracken, Community Member


dealing with sister that is bi polar

How do you deal with some one who make you feel like your going to have a panic attack just listening to them rant on and on about things. My sister is Bi polar and her doctors have not been giving her medications to her on time. I think she may be abusing them and this is the reason they don't give them to her . But when i talk to her and she... Read moreChevron

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franky, Community Member


mood swings

iv been with my hubby for 26 years 4 kids ,he was loving one minute then evil violent the next after 18 years he was put on tablets and now he is lovely with only minor outbursts,but can you tell me when going through a mood swing did his face completly change cause me and the kids can tell what the days going to be just by looking who he is in... Read moreChevron