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Alcohol and Drug Abuse

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People with mental illness are more likely to battle alcohol and drug addiction than their peers. In fact, bipolar disorder and substance abuse often go hand in hand. Using substances interferes with treatment and makes recovery very difficult, so it is imperative to avoid alcohol and drugs at all costs.

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Bipolar may be one of the worst illnesses on the planet, but I would not be writing this and you would not be reading this if we did not believe our condition were manageable to some degree. Throw alcohol or drug use into the mix, however, and all that changes.    I got a major insight into this late last year when I had dinner with a group of…

Alcohol and Drug Abuse
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John McManamy, Health Guide, answered Is it bad to use alcohol when you are… Hi, Chad. Alcohol and meds are not a good mix. Certainly, don't drink…


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John McManamy, Health Guide, answered bipolar partner drinks, and takes drugs… Hi, Samantha. I'm going to serve this straight up: As things stand right…


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