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  • hobie August 20, 2008
    August 20, 2008
    im sure its not #1 but it stands out for me & i laugh about it, while driving on Hwy 270 i passed up my exit, then turned around did a cloverleaf got back on my heading passed it up again turned around did another cloverleaf and forgot where i was sure their is more.. so i turned around & went back home then remembered, i was manic with extreme anxiety also, plus i was dizzy, ha. READ MORE
  • kimberly19426 August 22, 2008
    August 22, 2008

    It is not the most bizarre, but recently it took me almost 6 hours, with a programmed, speaking GPS, to make a 1.5 hour trip... 


    I have spent about $80,000 in about 3 months while not remembering ever buying anything and only hear stories about that 3 month period.  During same time, totaled car, taken in ambulance to ER, obviosly said something "crazy" b/c spent my "10 day visit" in the psych ward.  Don't remember my son's birthday, my birthday, Christmas, New's Year's... not sure when it started or ended... it just did.  Suddenly somehow stopped going to work before being fired, my teeage son took care of me for who know how long then - he and I were by ourselved, no family nearby, no one to check in physically.  All of that was told to me, i have no recollection.  My mother said that while I was in the hospital, she came up to care for my son and she said that she could hardly get into my townhouse because of all of the unopened stuff that was packed in - including a snow blower!  She returned to the store what she could, but i still had to declare bankruptcy.  My dad told me that one day he and I went to the mall and he went into one store, me into a fye (or something like it).  He said that when he saw me I was buying 2 stacks of about 20 each DVDs. I am sure that there was more during that 3 month period, but that is all that I remember that I have been told... Extreme enough?  If not, I am sure that I could find something else...


    Ever get so focused on somthing that you need to find every variation of that "thing"?


    Sexual extremes... orgies, swinging with spouse (and without) affairs, sex at work on weekends (under the bushes on a main road, on the side of I-95N in a car with my husband and being caught with by a policeman while in my 30s), sex in the back seat of the car with someone, while your husband is in the front seat driving the car with the guy's wife talking about us having sex, again there is more...


    I have been to the brink of insanity and back many times.  Mania can feel good and be a bit bizzare until it goes beyond that... anyone know what I mean???

  • n8 t8 January 28, 2010
    n8 t8
    January 28, 2010

    Ha LOL what a question. I lovve the different anwsers, expecially the sex ones. I am a wierd one. I'm a little manic right now, so I googled things to do when I feel like this so i can focus and be normal. Like i said, I am a wierd one though. I don't go super high. My body feels good all over, and my mind plays certian songs really loud over and over again. I feel like laughing all the time, but inside I'm scared because I know that tomorrow, or someday I will come down and feel like poop again.


    I usually feel like shit, so when i get 'manic'(if that even is what this is, i think its more hypomanic) I know that I'm going to feel worse around the bend, so I try really hard to not give into my inner disires to run around and feel great. I know the more I let go, the worse I feel later on. Unfortunatley containing it drags it out longer though.


    So ya, thats what I do. I'm a real party...not.


    Sexually speaking, I haven't done anything that crazy. One time I took an ATV to the top of a really high hill in the praires and Masterbated. Oh, and one other time I maseterbated on the edge of this dock in the middle of a lake with people close by! No one knew though. O, one time I locked myself accidentally in the trunck of my car, so when I got bored of waiting, I masterbated.


    Ya I masterbate alot.


    Time to go take some pills! jk.



  • bipolarbear December 02, 2011
    December 02, 2011

    I often don't remember many of the things i do when manic. Its all the textbook cases, like spending tons of money and having a lot of sex and abusing substances and doing illegal, impulsive, or reckless stuff... I sometimes have auditory or visual hallucinations but they are very rare. I just get absolutely fucking nuts and my thoughts race a thousand miles an hour and i make no sense to anyone. i have no boundaries and im never cautious.


    i remember one time in particular, the episode that got me put on stabilizers.. i broke into a college football stadium to get high and have sex in it with a friend we both were dating other people at the time... later that day i got kicked out of a restaurant and tried to beat someone in a hotel stairwell.. i was restrained. tried to run away but was taken home (not by police, just friends). left home and keyed a bunch of cars, buried the key in my front yard and then stole my parents car and credit cards (i was in high school at the time)at one in the morning and drove, i didnt know where i was going but i decided to drive to a nearby city a few hours away, i got pulled over for speeding 80 in a 35 but i didnt get a ticket.. the officer called my parents because i had no license i was only 15. my parents drove like two hours to come get me in the middle of the night and i was sent to the hospital shortly after but i only had to stay there a week.

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