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Friday, March 27, 2009 nonethewiser, Community Member, asks

Q: Smelling things

Does anyone smell things that aren't really there? I keep thinking I smell cigerette smoke. But no one around is smoking. It's driving me crazy.

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Answers (2)
wheresmytoby, Community Member
4/ 1/09 12:16pm

i have been having the same problem. but my smell is like a nasty mildew spell. its like it just slaps me in the face at random times. the worst is when i'm at home. but i'll be in the middle of walmart and just be suddenly overwhelmed by this stench.

i have bleached my whole apartment, done everything i can think of to kill it...and yet it thrives. its torturing me and i can't take it much longer.

Brooke, Community Member
12/16/09 12:53pm

I was just looking on the internet to find out what this means. I was smelling cigarette smoke as well, every day for like a week. I had gone to a smokey bar, and I am not a smoker. but I washed everything I was wearing. washed my hair, did not sleep on my sheets until I had removed everything that smelled. And now I frequently smell it. Even when I am out shopping or at work. I also smell a yucky dog smell. I was dog sitting my neighbors dog for a while and now I randomly smell that smell. It's like my brain keeps remembering that smell for some reason. It eventually goes away, I have noticed. but it is very strange that these smells keep lingering in my nose. I even keep asking my husband if he smells something. He never does.

morsel81, Community Member
1/ 8/10 7:15pm

This is sooo weird.  I too have been, for about a month now, smelling cigarette-ish smoke.  Not like full blown smoke, but like when one is first lit.  Like the start of a fire kind of thing.  Hard to explain.  I'm not around anyone who smokes and don't have a fireplace or wood stove either.  It's been happening several times a day.  I always look, because one time it may be a fire.

rdj, Community Member
2/ 4/12 10:38pm

holy cow! i can say my sense of smell when hypomanic is amazing....not in a good way. i can smell things good and bad and non existant that no one else around me can.  i will get hints of whatever grabbed me for hours and even days afte i initially smelled it. i also cant stand repetitous noises especially when trying to fall asleep. like ticking clocks or snoring or even breathing. 

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By nonethewiser, Community Member— Last Modified: 02/27/13, First Published: 03/27/09