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    October 25, 2008
    Got Summon's Jury Duty letter
    Englishteapot Englishteapot
    October 25, 2008

    This afternoon I received a Summon's Jury Duty letter stated that I had to go to Jury duty. There's a number that I can call if I have any questions well I feel that I can't go because of my mental health problems and I haven't got any better and I have high anxiety to be around other people and I've been drinking over this mess as I have enough problems to worry about. This really did set off my moods and I can't stand the law to be honest.

    Will they hold me in content if I call up and say I can't go because of my mental health problems?

    I hope not or I will end up in the hospital over this and I don't need no more added stress and I can't afford to drive my car anyways because I'm on disability and won't have the gas money.  A year ago I filled out a questionare by them and stating why I can't go to Jury duty because of mental health problems and they ignored that.

    I'm very upset over this and my moods have been getting bad over this and I need some advice over this. Everyone tells me it's not a big deal, "Well it's a big deal to me!!Yell



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  • DocJane October 26, 2008
    October 26, 2008

    Of course this is a big deal to you. Serving on a jury can be very stressful. From what you share, you don't need this kind of stress. You have a disability and, I hope, a doctor. Have your doctor write a letter excusing you from jury duty. Then call to find out where you (or your doctor) can mail the letter. Even if you have to take the letter in on the day you have been summoned, this will be less stressful than what you are going through now.


    Whenever I have been summoned, there have been instructions (usually in very fine print) for how to proceed if you cannot serve because of medical reasons. Courts vary from county to county and state to state, so check out the rules and show with a doctor's letter that you are unable to serve.


    You can contribute to society in other ways besides serving on a jury. Keep as your primary goal to take care of yourself and your health. I'm glad you blogged about this, because that was the first step to getting an answer and it shows you want to take good care of yourself. 


    DocJane www.BeyondBipolar.com

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