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  • Denise July 23, 2009
    July 23, 2009

    Frankly, I was glad to read you're his EX-girlfriend.  Continue to wish him well, but focus on taking care of yourself.  Smile

  • knowthyself July 22, 2009
    July 22, 2009

    There is no clear evidence that Bipolar Disorder gets worse as one ages.  So, you may be dealing with a myth.  Management is key to to lead a stable, productive and rewarding life.  Without it instability may result in psychological related problems, social difficulties and problems with employment or careers.  These secondary effects can pose significant difficulty for the individual and may have lasting effects.  Treatment with medication, therapy and a positive lifestyle conducive to stability and health is the best approach.

    • GirlfriendofBP
      July 23, 2009
      July 23, 2009

      Hey, thanks for taking the time to respond to my question. I guess that ANY problem worsens with age if you don't address it properly. My ex boyfriend (diagnosed with BPD) is on meds, getting therapy under orders of the Army, so I question his commitment to his own wellness. Drinking on the weekends, not sure if he's being compliant beyond that as in taking meds on time - this has resulted in worsening behavior, albeit different than before meds...I do see things getting worse for him as time goes on... but to your point, significant difficulty/lasting effects come with lack of management. Hope for better for him... thanks again!!

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