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Monday, July 21, 2008 BeachgirI2112, Community Member, asks

Q: can a bipolar person go from being happy one minute to irritable the next and angry 20 minutes later

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Answers (5)
John McManamy, Health Guide
7/22/08 8:24pm

Hi, Beachgirl. Even normal people can turn on a dime. Your key to surviving in this relationship is to cultivate the skills to spot his mood changes before he does. Sort of like the barometer dropping, even though there are no clouds in the sky. There may be a chance to head him off with a gentle or stern warning before all hell breaks loose. Or you may need to give him a wide berth and leave the room.


Keep in mind, you can't reason with a person when they're irrational. If his bad mood strikes without you seeing it coming, you need to disengage at once. That way, you will have less chance of getting hurt.


Later on, you can reason with him. But if he is not open to reasoned conversation, then you're in for a very rough relationship.

BiPoPastor, Community Member
7/21/08 11:06am

Absolutely!  I am a Ultradian Bipolar, which simply means that I exhibit periodic physiological activity that occurs more than once every 24 hours ( I may go from "stable" to high to low and back again anywhere from 3-5 times each day. With the current meds I take my highs and lows aren't as extreme, and even though I know this might happen, my behavior is unpredicatable. Comes with the territory, right?


Userinblack87, Community Member
7/21/08 3:55pm

While the previous answer is certainly correct, it is important to note that Bipolar disorder can be very difficult to diagnose. In relationships, there can often be lots of tension, and it is possible that he is simply unhappy or depressed. One thing to consider is if he acts this way with others, or if it is just around you. Also although talking about such things can be difficult, considering that you came to this site instead of talking to him, might there also be communication issues in your marriage that could be causing this?

Julia, Community Member
7/22/08 2:39pm

Hello, sounds like you are rapid cycling and might need a medication change/adjustment.  Yes is the answer to your question.  See your doctor.

Joicie, Community Member
10/ 6/08 2:51am

Yes. I do. My Partner is used to it and sometimes gives me feedback that makes me stop and think. He knows it's not my fault and treats me gently. Sometimes too it builds up on him and he has to leave for a few hrs and take a break. We've learned in our relationship that the breaks are essential if we are to stay together. I feel bad and apologize sometimes. I don't feel like I always have control.  It's a necessity that I take my meds because I can be sure He will be able to tell if I didn't. All the basicis like a regular sleep pattern, good nutrition and excercise is even more!!! important to people like me. Patience is the key, if you can.    With much care Joyce

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