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Sunday, September 14, 2008 Emily, Community Member, asks

Q: Lamictal???

I am really hesitant about starting this. I just began taking focalin for add a week ago, and now I'm adding the Lamictal for bp tomorrow. I have been on abilify in the past, about 2 years ago and it was horrible. I felt like a zombie. I am afraid of this having the same or similar effect...and I am also concerned about weight gain. Is weight gain a result of it increasing your appetite? or does it actually slow down your metabolism? 

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Answers (4)
Casey McNulty, Health Guide
9/25/08 3:14pm

Hi Emily,


Thank you for your question! As mentioned in the post above, the doctor should start you on a low dose and slowly increase the dose over a few weeks' time. If you begin to feel the same way that you felt when taking the Abilify, make sure to tell your doctor what you're experiencing. Regarding the weight gain, one of the side effects of Lamictal is actually weight loss, so that shouldn't be a concern. You can read more about Lamictal by clicking here. I hope this helps!


Best of luck,


Suzanne, Community Member
9/14/08 9:01pm

I've been on 300 mg Lamictal for about 10 years for bipolar (as well as other meds) & Concerta for ADHD.  Take 150 mg Lamictal in the a.m. & 150 in the p.m.  The doc will start you on a low dose & VERY SLOWLY increase you to a therapeutic dose to help decrease any side effects so it may take awhile to get the full effects of Lamictal.  It has been VERY HELPFUL for me.  No weight gain from Lamictal.  Good luck.

Narelle, Community Member
10/15/08 12:17am

I found Lamictal to be brilliant - it made me feel calm, in control, and no cognitive dysfunction at all. It was great at work - I was productive without being out of control and I loved it. Unfortunately I was one of the people who got "the lamictal rash", and after a second try and a second rash had to give it away. I found it was pretty much weight neutral - didn't lose any but certainly didn't gain any.

Good luck


petnotzi, Community Member
1/17/10 3:42pm

I absolutely agree to Lamictal's brilliance! My husband has been rabid cycling for years and we were on the verge of destruction. Found a great family doctor and he was going to recommend something we already tried that was horrible. However a friend of mine went on Lamictal and I did some research on it. I suggested it to him and he agreed to try it. I can't tell you how it saved me and my family.  All I can tell you is that IT DID. Its a WONDERFUL drug for BP and I would recommend it to anyone. My husband calls it his "wonder drug". Good luck to all.

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By Emily, Community Member— Last Modified: 12/26/10, First Published: 09/14/08