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Wednesday, September 10, 2008 Jetwriter, Community Member, asks

Q: hormonal imbalance causing bipolar cycling?

My rapid cycling bipolar II started at puberty 40 yrs ago. I would have a month of higher energy of agitation, irritability for approximately 25 days then have 5 days of transition which was like intense pms symptoms then flip down for 25 days with deep depression. Just like clockwork. I started in therapy and on medication when I was 28. Nothing changed the intensity or the underlying anger and depression. I was diagnosed as borderline with atypical bipolar II. When I was 32 I had a complete hysterectomy due to endometriosis. The sudden estrogen drop sent me down the bottomless pit of depression. I was started on a daily dose of estrogen which helped the underlying depression but not the cycling or the refractory depression. The cycling remained constistant and regular. Up a month and down a month.


I have been through many hospitalizations like a revolving door trying every antidepressant and mood stabilizer on the market. In 2000 Lamictal hit the market and worked for me. It cleared up the underlying anger and chronic depression. Then I was able to put the behavior mods in effect. But the bipolar continued and I was still on premarin. The depression got worse and I was switched to Estrace which cleared that up but the cycling unaffected.


Now I'm in menopause the cycling which had been predictable is erractic and intense. I realize that the body will continue to make estrogen without ovaries or uterus. I did have  estrogen and progesterone levels taken during my three cycle changing. They were basically the same. I was put on progesterone which landed me in the hospital for psychotic depression. Testosterone did the same thing.


I've done research on the net and found another person who cycles like me. We are about the same age. She had extensive hormonal testing that revealed nothing. I am missing some piece of info that would explain the cycling. Some malfunctioning hormone or gland has to be there. My adreneal glands have checked out.


I have been suicidal since I was 14 and I'm really, really tired. I was hoping that eventually my body would hit menopause and things would clear up. It is super intense and even when I'm feeling good I'm thinking about death. I have weekly contact with my therapist and monthly contact with my pdoc. I've asked for ect for years and years but wasn't considered a candidate because I never felt good. Now my pdoc is seriously considering ect.


I've hit my wall. I don't think that any amount of zapping is going to clear up a hormonal imbalance. Two weeks ago I started putting my affairs in order. I'm feeling pretty good now yet am clearing up loose ends. He said that we would discuss the ect next time I go down which will probably be in a couple weeks. I seriously doubt the effectiveness of anything against the depression. When I'm done cycling I'll probably be in the depression which will go on forever. I've stayed alive for my family, i have no dependents or kids and now just want peace. My med combo is working. I can feel the balance. I'm off sugar and sugar free foods as they make me goofy. I'm going to try accupuncture again just in case it will work this time.


I saw my pdoc yesterday and he knows all of these thoughts. I just want to make sure I've tried everything before throwing in the towel. So I'm searching again to find if anyone is doing or has done research on some obscure hormone that causes cyclical depression.

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John McManamy, Health Guide
9/11/08 2:01pm

Hi, Jetwriter. More women than men experience rapid cycling, so it stands to reason that something hormonal is probably going on. The catch is, due to lack of research, we are fairly clueless. It is adviseable to consult with a specialist doctor. He/she may have some insights that your psychiatrist may be lacking.


Also, consider other factors. Antidepressants and stimulants may speed up cycling. As well as being highly sensitive to hormonal flows, you may be highly sensitive to other things, such as caffeine, disruptions to sleep schedules and other routines, junk food, etc.


By all means, keep investigating the hormone connection, but also make sure your life around you isn't cycling, either. I'm sure you're already doing this, as you appear to be the kind of person to leave no stone unturned.

LadyBehindTheMask, Community Member
9/14/08 4:00pm



Like you, I strongly suspect something hormonal is going on with bipolar. I didn't see the connection until I became menopausal ... when my menopausal menstrual cycles matched the 3x/yr cycles my BP had for my entire life.


My P-Doc has recently quit a clinical research career because of the way the pharma companies were abusing the results ... I'm going to propose that we dig for some women's health money to fund a study in this area, with no pharma involvement.


Sweet woman, I don't begin to know how to encourage someone who has lived with the level of on-going despair you have for so many years. I do know that God loves you and that your life matters to God. I know that God is not the cause of this suffering. And I can also tell that you have done your absolute best during all the years of your life thus far.


I am praying for you right now, that you will find strength, relief, and comfort. All blessings to you as you walk with God through the valley of the shadow of death.


The Lady Behind the Mask

Jetwriter, Community Member
9/14/08 4:46pm

Thank you both for the feedback. No wonder I couildn't find research on this subject. It doesn't exist. I've done some more thinking in lines of ECT. Lots of good results with lots of problems too. I have an accupuncturist, doctor, who is at my chiropractor's office just up the street. There were so many road blocks to me receiving ECT that I figured it was a God thing that I go for the obvious rather than beating my head on a wall only to find out that object wasn't good for me. I've had accupuncture that did relieve the depression. Just like ect it needs updating on a regular basis.


Thanks so much for listening to me. It helped me slow down before flipping out. I couldn't kill myself just in case someone knew something that I didn't. Just never know. It is so nice to hear from people who offer concrete info. I'm off the edge and back to sanity. I'll call the doctor tomorrow to set up an appt. Hope that I'll be able to find the money. I'm sure it will be there too. Just have to trust. Generally a God thing takes care of itself.

Love and my deepest thanks,


Courtney, Community Member
10/ 7/08 10:12pm

Are You taking your medicine like your suppose to? also, don't give up there is research going on for people with Bipolar disorder. But better than that God is real and you can always pray. Hope you fell bettre soonCool

cathys, Community Member
10/12/12 3:07pm

Hello i have a friend that has an hormornal emblance/bipolar... she gets mood swings...highs and lows....falls into depression...she is 46 years old .... has had three major operations in three years...her gal bladder, has a full hysterectomy....has heavy the point she had to have an iud put in her... she works aboard a cruise ship...had a good job....but could not stand the pressure or stress that was undergoing her... she also has a  thing about my boyfriend....and he has already told me nothing seriously going on...but when he first started working ships she did alot for him...even helped him move on to a promotion...and he said he felt obligated to help her in this situation...she knows me..and he has warned me not to say anything to her as she is a depression patient and is under a lot of different antidepression medications.... Is it true that a job can affect you like this when u have this type of a boyfriend told me that you have to be very careful in what u say to her...because the least bit of negative information u say, she sometimes flies off the handle.... can u get back to me....


Jetwriter, Community Member
10/ 8/08 8:57am

Thank you for responding. Yes, definitly I'm taking my meds. I'd be a real mess without them. I did check into ECT and decided that I'd try accupuncture first. My first treatment released a massive amount of stored energy and resistance inside. I cried for the better part of an hour straight. Then I wrote 18 pgs of thoughts and feelings and shared them with my therapist. I became exhausted. A couple days later the death thoughts, wishes and ideas were gone. After the second treatment I emoted the rest of my deep dark secrets which were shared with my therapist. I'm just so very tired. Since forever I've been trying to act as if I didn't have bipolar and mental illness. Now I don't have that blockage and my body is crashing. I'm up for 2 hrs and need to go to bed for an hour.


I have an, well not sure what to call it. I'm too tired to be calm but whatever the death wishes and sucidial thoughts are totally gone. I've been told it's going to take quite some time before my energy comes back. I tried the SAD light but it only made me agitated. So I'm sleeping lots. good thing that i'm able to rest when i want. Disability is a good thing sometimes.

Wishing you the best too.


melii, Community Member
5/25/09 3:19am

I've heard great reports from a Dr. Graeme Williams who has had great results with mood disorders using hormone therapy.  check him out at

well worth the $250.00 A friend of mine had amazing results and I am now giving it a go!


Amy, Community Member
10/21/10 9:42am

I find that masturbating helps me out. Sometimes a good orgasm is all you need:)

unityemissions, Community Member
6/25/09 3:59am

The adrenal gland creates many hormones. I think you're suffering from a metabolic disorder which is causing hypoadrenia. That would explain the extreme fatigue and hormonal imbalance. Try taking high-dose pantothenic-acid b5 and a b50 complex. Also a  high-dose vitamin-c pill will help. Check if your 2nd toe is longer than big toe. This is called Morton's Toe. It's indicated with a deficiency in an enzyme necessary to convert b6 to it's active form. If you got this, you'll need to take p5p as well.

Jetwriter, Community Member
6/25/09 8:31am

Thanks so much for the answer. my 2nd toe is longer than the big toe. i will get the supplements as you recommend. thanks again. it is so nice to have a name after all of this time. at least a place to start. (disclaimer noted)

unityemissions, Community Member
6/25/09 2:22pm

You're very welcome. You might want to check out pyroluria to see if you match the symptoms. Pyroluria and hypoadrenia are commonly found together. The test is a simple urine sample which you send into a lab. Something like $60, no doctor required! Check out and do a google search to check for symptoms.


Best of luck,



Brandy, Community Member
6/28/09 11:29pm

I'm a 32 year old female with a severe case of bipolar disorder and I believe with all my heart that bipolar disorder is a mixture of neurotransmitter problems, sex hormones and the adrenal glands. My daughter was 3 months old when I went into a full blown manic episode.  That was in 1998 and the beginning of a very, very hard journey. The dangerous thing about this disease is that we look healthy.  I have had many hormone test and they only show that I have polycystic ovarian disease.  If more researchers would take interest in this disease they would see that it is not "all in our heads"! There is absolutely no telling how many people have died from this disease. I just had to be put on medicine for high blood pressure to calm down my anxiety, I also have trouble with my digestion and I know many people who have had heart attacks from stress.  I'm sure that this disease is also affecting our immune systems.  Doctors and researchers really, really need to find the cause of this disorder.  I think that they are making it harder than it really is! The doctors already know that we can be hypersexual and have extreme irritibility. Can someone say HORMONES!  Plus we stress out and my eyes dilate (adrenaline) when I'm manic and I've read that people's eyes dilate when they go into rages (adrenaline). I pray for everyone who has this disease and I pray they will find new information very soon to help treat us.  Thanks for the info.  I'm about to research everything right now! 

unityemissions, Community Member
6/29/09 12:01am

Hi Brandy,


Hormonal imbalance is also related to the copper/zinc ratio. Women store a lot of copper during pregnancy. They often have copper toxicity combined with low zinc status. The psychosis that some women get after pregnancy is related to copper toxicity. I'd suggest looking into this as well.




Toxins are simply overwhelming most peoples ability to detox. It's a mixture of bad environmental toxins in the air, water & food. Schizophrenia rates have increased ~20 fold since the industrial revolution! Schizophrenia is extreme oxidative stress brought on by a mixture of genetic propensities and environmental toxins.


Most people are unwell these days. We all need to find ways to help our selves through first, knowledge and second, application. Hope this turns you in the right direction.


Take care.


Jetwriter, Community Member
7/ 1/09 10:32am

Brandy, i've done further research and found

site. it is full of information. I did find the testing site too. As I react with migraines to nearly everything i started with the B6 of 100mg. It was just 2 hrs ago and i don't have a headache. i do have clarity, focus and energy to get out of bed and it's only 9:22 am!! I might have flipped cycles up and this is normal for my higher energy, or the b6 is simply working or it is flipping me to a manic/higher energy. i have the other supplements but am going to see how the b6 plays out before adding anything to the mix. i'm on risperdal, effexor, lamictal, cymbalta, ritalin. i was on abilify for a month which was wonderful. i didn't get manic but actually liked myself and didn't think of death for days at a time. however i had trouble breathing, hypertensive crisis, leg twitching, confusion, blurred vision still it was worth it. the problems except the blurred vision has cleared since stopping it 2 wks ago. i won't be using the ritalin as long as i already have energy to stay functional. i sure do appreciate everything that is being written on this question. the information on the next two posts is great. so glad to have direction. i did run the supplements past my pdoc who is willing to see what happens as long as i don't change the prescriptions.

A Healthy Escape, Community Member
6/30/09 8:03pm

Have you tried Bio-feedback.  You can balance out cortisol , melatonin and seratonin levels.  YOu can also work directly on balancing Bio-polar on Biofedback screen.

You can check your amino acids levels ( tyrosine helps depression) and amino acids are building blocks for the  body.

9/ 4/09 4:46am

If you think it might be hormonal have you been to see an endocrinologist to have your pituitary gland and thyroid function tested (these are separate to your adrenal glands which are governed by the hypothalamus located just above the pituitary above the brain stem)? These glands can cause great disturbance in mood if they are not working properly.


I have had symptoms of bipolar on and off for 38 years now. I find that taking mood stabilisers (lithium/valproate) and an antidepressant (escitalopram) plus an antipsychotic (seroquel) at night time to help me sleep works best for me. Apparently people respond differently to al these things, so what works for one person might not work for another. I have to make sure I don't get too sleep deprived either (no more than one night of less than 8 hours sleep) as that makes me speed up and my thoughts start to get disordered.


I really hope you can find something to suit you...

Jetwriter, Community Member
9/ 4/09 5:50am

I do have hypothyroidism which is being controlled with levothyroxine. levels are now normal. Just found out I have a major vit D deficiency which is being corrected with 50,000U 1x/week and then will be followed up with 2000U/day. my zinc levels were normal. I have found that B6 100mg 3x/day has relieved most of my depressive symptoms. I am still on lamictal, cymbalta, effexor, risperdal and ritalin. I'm still cycling but it isn't anything like before. i don't have the energy extremes; cycle flipping symptoms are more managable. Now the sugars in fruits, sugar, sugar-free candy make me very depressed and lethargic the next day for 24hrs. I am on low cholesterol diet and no meds. I'm being forced to stop eating compulsively. That was something I could't do on my own.



My dog is healthy and we probably walk, saunter, a mile a day. I've stopped rescuing others without getting angry they asked in the first place. That is a huge change. I like being around me more. It is nice to be at peace. All the therapy over the years has given me tools to maintain emotional balance. You are right about biofeed back. I lost sight of that and now have it incorporated in my routine. Thanks for the reminder. Even though it is only Sept I'm feeling like SAD is kicking in. I'm going to increase the B6 to 4x/day. Just seem to need a little more zip. I'm really grateful for the suggestions you all have been giving me. My life is lots better. My family is grateful too. Thanks.

ohfaithful, Community Member
9/ 7/09 4:38am

I'm wondering how you are doing?  I, too, am stumped with my Bipolar diagnosis 10 years ago at the height of hormonal hell!  Since that time I have struggled and believed that it was in fact hormonal since I have struggled with depression since age 12 and onset of menses.


Recently, I found a doctor to sign off on hormone therapy after 5 years of trying!  The BHRT eliminated my psychosis, gave me some energy back, diminished my social phobia and others... and a lot of the problems that I was having.  However, after only two months, because I don't have a hormone specialist I was having problems regulating them and started having blood pressure and other was the best 2 months in 10 years!  I've weaned myself off except for a small amount to keep the psychosis at bay.  I'm currently looking for a hormone specialist to help me with things who will also take my insurance! 


I hope you're okay...I'm quickly sliding back into hell and praying for help! 

Jetwriter, Community Member
9/ 7/09 9:28am

I'm doing well. The seasonal affect disorder is kicking in up here, southeastern Wisconsin. So the increase of B6 is helping. I still am flipping cycles but those energy level changes have moderated. The time between the cycling, what I call transition, is managable since the B6. I know it is there but I don't want to kill everyone. I am on a steady dose of Estrace, a non-synthetic hormone replacement, that did wonders for my underlying depression.


It is really terrible to find something that works only to have it pulled out from under you again. You get to know the good life only as a taste.  In a way it is depressing because the good feeling was there, was great and is gone. On the other hand, you are not totally defective and meant for a lifetime in hell. You can function optimally with the right set of circumstances. You just have to find the right combination to get the good stuff back.


Are you suicidal? Are there other sites or someplace doing research on the BHRT? I'm sorry and should have asked, "what is bhrt?" Hormone replacement therapy? What's the "b"? It is so hard to find the right resources. I've been trial and erroring for years. Thankfully the internet is available as a massive database for other trial and erroring.


keep me posted. Judy

9/ 4/09 6:10am

as someone from another country can I ask exactly what a "P-Doc" is?



ohfaithful, Community Member
9/ 7/09 4:30am

P doc is psychiastrist...

Step by Step, Community Member
12/ 3/09 3:30pm

I started on bio-indentical Progesterone following my daughter's birth.  I had been dx with BP II 4 yrs prior to getting pregnant.  I was doing good off of meds at the time of conception but my progesterone was SO low that my body was working on a miscarriage.  My ovaries could not make enough.  So the ob had me on progesterone.  As I looked into it, it really explained a lot of my life.  So, 2 days after delivery, I started on BI progesterone.  I have been on it for 3 yrs now and have not had a manic cycle in over 4 yrs.  Since I have depression and anxiety lately (lots of situational stuff), I have been adding Tahitian Noni Juice (which also balances hormones) and 400 mg 5-HTP a day.  It is the neurotransmitter right before it turns into seratonin.  Even with that, I have not cycled.  I believe that the progesterone is giving me that balance.  It's worth a try.  I want to try accupuncture too.  It's very encouraging your posts.  You also can get past the suicidal thoughts.  I lived that way for nearly 10 yrs daily and after my second attempt, which was enough to end up in the hospital, it was a wake up call that I didn't actually want to die and to try to do something else. 

Jetwriter, Community Member
12/17/09 5:08pm

I'm so glad that i heard of the adrenal fatigue. according to the tv it is starting to become a common diagnosis. I couldn't get my medical doc to do any important or decisive testing. I have developed asthma from chronic bronchitis. My allergy testing was all negative but my allergist prescribed Alvesco inhaler/puffer. I'm to take 2 puffs every morning. At the same time I started on Primrose Oil. Man, do I feel like a different person. Pretty sure the Alvesco has some form of synthetic steroid that has given me enough boost to relieve my depression. I'm happy, content, all ready for Christmas and even envisioning having a future. Never planned on being old as suicide would take care of that problem. Now I'm wondering how I will find support when I get old and have major problems. Come to think of it, I'm really happy to be alive. Never expected that would happen in this lifetime. Very grateful to enjoy Christmas season.


Utopian, Community Member
2/16/10 8:35pm
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The syndrome of disabling mood changes and psychosis in relation to menses has been termed cyclic or periodic psychosis. The psychosis is characterized by increasing psychomotor excitement for 7-14 days prior to menstruation, followed by psychomotor retardation during menstruation. It is commonly associated with temporal lobe EEG abnormalities and other markers of anomalous brain substrates. Symptoms have been related to excessive oestradiol or diminished progesterone influence on the brain. ECT and psychotropic medications are often of limited value. Menstrual psychosis has been effectively treated by various forms of oral and parenteral reproductive hormones that eliminated menses, reduce estrogenic effects, or increase progestin levels. In the case of Ms. B., substantial improvement occurred with the cyclic use of progesterone and was contingent of a gradual taper of progesterone premenstrally.


This information is well woth the read:

Taken from: Psychoneuroendocrine Aspects of Temperolimbic Epilepsy Part III: Case Reports by Andrew G Herzog, M.D.,M.Sc. 1999


Catamenial Epilepsy


Catamenial epipepsy may result from the effects of hormones on the brain and from the natural variation of hormones during the menstrual cycle. The most common sites of origin of seizures in the brain, such as the temporal lobe, may be sensitive to hormonal influence.


Taken from: Andrew G Herzog, M.D.,M.Sc. 2006


I lost 4 and a half years of my life to a misdiagnosis of Bipolar. I found progesterone and then had a hysterectomy. I have only had minor problems since then and have started working again. It also happened to my daughter at the age of 17. After 3 months, 3 times and a diagnosis of Bipolar I took her off the zyprexia and brought natural progesterone online (the doctors would not give it to her). Since starting on the progesterone she has had a trouble free 9 months.

Interesting thing is my problems were from day 3 of my cycle to day 15. Hers started mid cycle and continued until day 3 of her cycle.


Even now knowing what it probably is, 11 years later I could not get a doctor to listen. She spent 16 days in a mental hospital and I told them natural progesterone would work, they did nothing. I feel the diagnosis of bipolar has left her at risk for the rest of her life.


angelastidbits, Community Member
3/12/10 11:11am
Hello Jet, I just want you to know I've been there, and generally am there in the world you struggle in a lot of the time, but I finally improved it after years of hell like you are going through. I was diagnosed as Bipolar only about 8 yrs ago, the 7 or more years before that I was going into the seriously freaked out zone because they kept giving me antidepressants and not considering Bipolar meds at all. It was the most horrific experience I have ever been through. But there is still hope hon, I wanted to give up so many times I could never count them, but we mustnt and you mustn't. Your going to think this is kinda mild and unhelpful but one of the biggest things that helped me make a change in my suffering ended up getting more of a balance than hormones. Yes hormones does play a big part btw. Your whole body and mind are imbalanced right now...and if you've been on medications and /or antibiotics a lot, the reason for your imbalance is obvious. A child can have a complete imbalance too so the fact you were struggling even as a youngster does not surprise me. You need to detoxify and rejuvinate all kinds of areas in your body that are overloaded and basically overwhelmed. Your brain could very well be putting out an emergency signal when you have manic attacks like you express them. ITs trying to tell you something. I would like to humbly suggest a few things that helped me but I am no doctor. Needless to say I have studied and hunted relentlessly for answers just like you, so this is not just a shot in the dark. I never would have beleived it but taking a very heavy regimen of probiotics and a supplement that is all about balance...called balance of nature that is made mostly of super foods in very concentrated pills, eating all natural and no sugar or dyes and almost no salt or milk products really turned me around...I was also given a very reputible hormone cream to use but I used it mildly so as not to set off my own manic episodes. THe awful hell recinded! I started to respond to a medication I was given called Seroquel as well as others I was taking...and now although I still fight with milder symptoms sometimes...I have a life. SO just remember this...even if the Dr's dont find something wrong in your hormones or glands doesnt mean there isnt a problem niggling there...and sometimes You have to be the one to find out the answer when no one else can. So NOT give up sweetie. I would love to chat with you if I can be of any help ...and would be honored to be your friend. Hugs tight...I HOPE this helps! Reply
A Man Searching, Community Member
3/20/10 12:04pm

I have read through nearly all the posts and I understand that they are primarily form women. However, I am a 33 yr old man who is questioning the same thing:  Is there a link between mood disorders and hormones, is it truly BP, or may be both?  Why?  I am trying to determine why I cycle through a depressive episode every 3 or so months.


I started seeing an Endocrinologist 6 mo. ago when a blood test indicated I had a Testosterone level of 150 when it should have been 700 based on my age. Further testing of the endocrine system discovered that my Prolactin level was 89, but should be between 2 and 13.


All test but the first have been sent to the MOA Clinic.  This is very important because the MAO Clinic has seperately calibrated machines for each blood test.  I am not sure if it is a few or most of the  major chain labs have one machine they recalibrate to accomodate the requested tests.  I have been told that the one machine method can cause variations, or inaccuracies in test results.  After the first MAO test my testosterone was in the mid-400's and stayed there (when tested).


Through this process I started doing research and found that fluctuations in male hormone levels can cause mood swings upon the on set and through Andropause, or male menopause.  This is very similar to what women experience.


3 tests in (every 2 months) and I have been pretty consistantly in the 400's, but the most recent test results had my T level at 250.  The difference this time was that I was severly depressed, or in my down cycle.  The past tests, from what I recall, were not taken when I was in a low point.


I have to believe that a near 50% drop in male Testosterone has to have some effect on your mood and how you feel.


I was told that exercise is something I can do to increase my T lvl, so I started running.  Over the past 5 weeks I had two weeks that contained 3 45-60 min workouts of weightlifting and walking/running 2 miles.  Week 3: 12 miles.  Week 4: 15 miles.  Week 5:  18 miles.  I would have thought that would have effected and slight increase in the T level, but it apparantly didn't.



Jetwriter, Community Member
3/21/10 12:12pm

I've had trouble signing and posting into this site. this is a trial.


Jetwriter, Community Member
3/21/10 1:00pm

You must be feeling so isolated to almost doomed. As a woman it is more possible to have these symptoms but as a man, my heart goes out to you. I was searching years ago when first tested for testosterone and dhea levels both were low. I was given very small doses of dhea like 5 mg, it was the concentrated under the tongue drops. It increased the depression. then the testosterone was tried and increased the depression. but i am female. My doctor was convinced that bringing up both levels would balance me out but the higher levels just messed me up. I had several different hormones tested when i was low, high and the inbetween time i call transitional phase. the testosteron, dhea, prolactin all had corresponding levels to my moods. the estrogen was always the same. i had my testing down in Kentucky or some adjacent state in that area back in the early 90's. do you have a set time or a period of time, possibly 7 days where the symptoms blow up in your face and then you flip up or down depending on where you are in your cycling?


I'm 56 now and my cycling is more drawn out, used to flip up for 28 days, transition 7 days, flip down 28 days, transition 7 then flip up. i could almost time when it flipped. Just like a faucet. have to admit never tried exercising. I did try the otc dhea and the depression returned. i know that sugar even sugar-free candy, snacks or treats cause depression for 24 hrs even when i'm high energy. suicidal thoughts when in low energy. i'm in a hypomanic phase which hasn't happened in forever. can't sleep well, restless, want to die and can't focus. i'm pretty sure i'm in transition. seems that nothing has ever touched transitional symptoms. The previous posting of the dietary restrictions really work on the depression.


I'm on quite a cocktail of psych meds. Abilify was added which worked but almost stroked me out. Provigil is awesome but had side effects so it was discontinued. Found out through the other postings the up and down cycling usually are balanced out by adding B6 150mg three times a day, Vit E--actually Evening of Primrose oil daily, and the steroids in prescription flovent asthma inhaler has given me much relief. I'm like a regular person and pretty much can predict or make plans to do things knowing that the probablities of attending the function are pretty high. Oh, I'm also on Vit D 2000mg daily as ordered by the shrink.


I know that we are to ask the doctor before trying everything on our own. I've learned that usually they are way behind the latest research available on the net. I've learned or decided to add a vit or pill one at a time over like two months to see how it handles each cycling, document the results on a spread sheet of meds taken, emotional, physical, functionality levels measured on a 1-10 basis then take the documentation to the doc. if at anytime some symptom goes nuts anytime during the testing phase, i can cross it off the list, stop it immediately and report to the doc what happened. then i tell him i'm going to try such and such and keep him informed. my shrink trusts me. i never mess with the psych meds. we've agreed to that.


you have the right to find a practioner who is willing to work with you. Ideally the endocrinologist would be a good choice though i've had some bummers. i did work with holistic md, kinesiologists, chiropracters and allergists. Just keep trying but only one change at a time. As suggested above checking out chronic adrenal fatigue and pryoluria gave me part of the answer. I still wonder if shock therapy would zap the brain hormones into doing what they are suppose to do. Can't find a doc to zap me. i'd be a willing test rat. my family would kill me.


if you could keep us posted on your journey, I'd really be grateful. Maybe what works for women can work for men or visaversa. The best thing about our group is that we are a group. we are not alien life oddities. I had been convinced by the medical community that i was dramatically acting out in attempts to be unique and difficult. I was told I was a problem patient. Validation is the best thing in the world. Thanks for posting.   Jet

lydst, Community Member
6/ 2/10 12:21am



I just read your original message from july o8 and am schock as to the similarities as to my experiences;  I only hope that you have made until this point and have had some calm, peaceful times.  I have researched, and researched, been to every specialist as you mentioned and just know there is as you said, some missing piece.  I have been fortunate to have had some positive experience with a recent dbs surgery study, but the hormones or whatever that piece is that aggrivates or escalates still exist, and the fatigue is still unbelievable most of the time.  I want so badly to list the similarities and circumstances so as to communicate you are not alone, but right now I am so tired, I have to limit response. Thank you so very much for putting this information out my nearly 30 years, I have not had anyone discuss something so familiar to my experience.  Thank you for continuing to try, and I pray you still are, but God forbid, I understand if you didn't.

Ruth, Community Member
3/22/11 9:54pm

hi everyone,


NATURAL PROGESTERONE CREAM, detox diet, low sugar, REM sleep, melatonin, GABA, so much to talk about, so little time:) I also just read all of your posts since 2008.  I'm happy to find a group that is still posting and learning after 2 years.  so much great info.  I am very tired now, so this post will be short.  I am going to find an endocrinologist, looking for natural docs, and at the beginning of my jorney BACK to the natural-healthy-me.  In 2003 I was given a diagnosis of low adrenal function.  I went all natural and was cured.  Married a meat and potatoes guy in 2008 who's never been sick a day in his life and didn't understand why I needed to spend a fortune at the local health food store.  Now I am so sick again..., and he is learning....As for all of these posts, "yes, yes, and yes", and may I please add this:  the viruses that cause chronic fatigue syndrom, epstien barr, and Mononeucleosis, as these were my first enemies, only to be joined by herpes (yeah, cold sores) in 2003, which threw me into a mono flair-up and CFS and fibromyalgia, and, and, and.  I have GRACIOUSLY DECLINED the diagnosis of "Bi-Polar" a couple of times.  I do currently see a psychiatrist for the RX of clonazapin, which I was "tossed" by a GP doc after my son was born in I am addicted to it. I wonder if, and to what extent the meds actually harm our hormone production, and actually create or add to the problems.  I look forward to reading more, and sharing more also.  Above all, please do not lose sight of God.  He made us, He know when we are sick, He my not heal us when we want Him to, but that's because He has a plan, and if we are digging online for over 2 years to try to understand hormones and mood swings, and other symptoms, can you imagine how hard we would have to dig to fid the "answers" to the universe?  We can't! But God can. God knows. His plan is so deep, and awesome that we aren't equipted to understand it fully.  So we trust in Him. Give it up to Him. "God, this load is too big for me, I need a short break, can you please carry it for me while I rest a bit?" Amen. And now I lay me down to sleep...deep, healing, hormone-producing sleep ( I pray) and I pray the same for all of you.  Ruth

kt, Community Member
10/26/11 7:32pm

I was addicted to clonazapan after the death of my child. It put me in hospital for many suicide attempts. took me a year to wean off but I havent had a suicidal thought since. yes still depressed and anxiety though the roof , but better than the doom I felt on clonazapan. Life just wasnt worth it on that stuff. Just food for thought

Pkn, Community Member
1/ 3/12 4:34am
Dear Jetwriter: i cannot tell u how blessed i feel to have found your post. I realize it is several years old. I hope desperately this posting is still active and the posters who answered you. I, like u, am at the end of what more i can bear. As u said, i have only held on for my children while suffering a daily torment with no end, waiting until they are grown so i can end my suffering. I was diagnosed bipolar type 2 n my 20's. Im 45. Iv been given evry drug as treatment one cld name. I can say theyv only served to keep me just a milimeter from suicide. But iv always known t is somethng more than bipolar. My oldest daughter is 24. She has been diagnosed wth bipolar ovr n over. Howevr she n i agree our identical symptoms have to be caused by other factors but neither hav found a dr who will look beyond that. The evryday extreme fatigue, constant depression, severe anxiety, morning nausea, agitation, lack of desire to do normal activities, like showering n leaving home even to grocery shop r socialize, my daughter has severe staf infection boils on her face several times a year that antibiotics dont fix, i get underarm boils, sinus and bladder infections and antibiotic treatment evry few months, we both have sudden extreme bloating where our abdomens swell like we r pregnant, and basically feel there is no end or answer to watevr is th cause. I find myself longing for the day it will end but hanging on for my children to be grown. My youngest is 10 and i find myself cringing at how many more years i have to suffer. Both my daughter and i agree we have no real life factors that cld indicate or explain a reason for all th mental symptoms and th physical symptoms dont equal bipolar disorder. But there seems noone to turn 2 for a new look at what is causing all this. Reply
Bec, Community Member
1/ 4/12 10:49am

I have read all the posts with great interest, as I'm as starting to think there is more to my recently diagnosed BP than first expected.

I'm a 27 yo female, from Australia and have recently been diagnosised with BP 2 after a hypermanic episode with suicidal ideation. My P-Doc put my on high doses of anti-depressants and mood stablizers straight away but I'm not feeling too much better, he also states I may have premenstral dsyphoric disorder hence why Im thinking outside the box.


I am extremely fatigued all the time sleeping 8-13 hours a night, and wake up tired, or I can't sleep at night, my cycling becomes unmanageable when my menses begin, I've gained weight, I get irritable, flat ++ my sex drive is non exsistant.

So I have done a little research myself into hormones ETC and being a nurse it has struck a cord. Thyroid problems, adrenal problems and pituary issues show and/or contribute to alot of the symptoms I appear to display at certain times, I am going to go to an endocronolgist to discuss this further as it has driven me nuts.


I want to thank you all for your feed back as it has confirmed for me that there may be a lot more to this than the bi polar

Mudrey, Community Member
1/24/12 9:47pm

This is going to sound weird and may or may not help, but


I have schizoaffective disorder, and when I experience bipolar symptoms, I drink coffee, and it helps.


Coffee raises dopamine, a hormone that makes you feel good.

Start with a cup and raise it if nothing happens. About five to ten cups of coffee is safe per day.


If sugar makes you loopy, it could be an indication that you have a seratonin imbalance. Sugar raises seratonin. So does all carbohydrates. A low carbohydrate, high protein diet will lower your seratonin levels and raise your dopamine levels.


Another thing that might sound weird. Allergies can have strange affects on the body, including psychological. You should get tested for allergies.


Light therapy and exercise may also reduce symptoms. Light therapy is used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder which can cause bipolar symptoms. Exercise raises dopamine and endorphin levels (endorphins lower pain). You may need an hour a day of moderate to high intensity cardio exercise to feel the affects.


PS God can help your suffering. If nothing else, you should see that you talk to him before you kill yourself so that you will know where you are. "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I john 1:9. If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved."

Having a problem does not mean that God hates you or is punishing you. God loves you very much.

Magga, Community Member
4/25/12 12:22am

You wrote that you have tried HRT...have you tried bio-identical hormone replacement therapy?

Rosie R, Community Member
5/ 2/12 6:36pm

I found by accident, at the age of 45 years, that taking progesterone transformed my life. I had a coil fitted that released progesterone and after years of misery my life was suddenly better. I then heard a radio programme in the UK about the perimenopause and how it was progesterone that could help rather than oestrogen, and so I then went to my doctor for a prgesterone only mini-controceptive pill. For me this is a life changer.


I have suffered from depression since puberty. Life has been very hard, and were it not for my children I would have left a long time ago. I was diagnosed bi-polar some six years ago, that did not make things better. I thought the betrayal of bi-polar in "Homelands" on TV was extremely good; that is me when I am manic, although my main problem is that I am too scared to get out of bed in the morning, so I fear going to sleep.


We are not alone, it is dark and difficult but sharing experiences can only help. I hope that this helps someone else. 



Freebird, Community Member
5/20/12 10:08pm

I am 32 years old.  I think I have had bi polar episodes my entire life but was only diagnosed in December of 2011.  Since having my second child, a moving away from my family and losing my job my mind crashed on me and I have been cycling pretty regularily for almost 2 years.


 I drove to a lake outside the city of DC where I live with several bottles of pills and water to wash them down on Friday night.  I have two small children and a beyond wonderful husband.  When I am in the super low states of my bipolar sucide seems to make so much sense as I hate myself for putting my family through my bouts of anger and sadness when all they do is love me.  I attempted sucide when I was 22, hospitalized and misdiagnosed with depression.


 Now 10 years later I am racking my brain on how to help myself... my sister and father are both bipolar and I see them walking around drugged up like zombies.  Is it sick of me to love the hypersexual part and the extremely creative side of this disorder?  I battle all the time about medications---  if this is how God made me why would I change his plan to correct his perfect image and likeness... and how is it that I feel so detached from him at the same time. 


I am suffering for sure.  After much thought and crying I finally left the lake and drove home to my husband out on our porch smoking (he is not a smoker).  He was very distraught, very upset, angry and worried.  How could I do that to him and to my children... they are why I am still here right now.  But there has to be something more.  I am starting to wonder if there is a connection to taking birthcontrol (hormonal forms) and the rapid and more intense cycles of my bipolar.  Since I have started the pill 2 years ago I have been worse.  I have stopped taking them  yesterday in an attempt to maybe help myself.... 


If there is any question my mind is currently "racing" so I'm not sure how much of what I am saying even makes sense.  God hear me, God help me and God heal me. 


cathy, Community Member
7/ 5/12 10:16pm

Hello Everyone,

I was diagnosed with bipolar hypomania a few years ago.  I was re-evaluated and told I had anxiety nos (not otherwise specified).  My husband of one year is bipolar and he thinks I am.  (What fun, two bipolars).  I read an article about someone struggling with bipolar and they went raw vegan and it did wonders for them.  I also have read that gluten and casein are bad for bipolar.  So, some things you all might want to try.  I am not a vegan, myself.  I would like to try to be even 50% vegan someday, but don't have the motivation, etc., plus my husband and kids wouldn't join me so that would be difficult.


If anyone wants to hear more, let me know.



Freebird, Community Member
7/ 6/12 10:04am

I was diagnosed bipolar in Dec 2011, I have had bouts of episodes thru my life which made me act weird and had a sucide attempt... I had long stretches of "normal" until two years ago, when I started rapid cycling and I knew somethign was wrong... I knew I could get better, and of course I would go thru Normal periods for about two weeks and think I was done and it would happen again... I almost killed myself twice this year and enough was enough!  


I prayed to God, I begged for help and an answer... it didn't come right away but I swear he led the way to all the right doctors and allowed me to listen to my gut instead of giving in and letting myself become the monster victim of this disorder...


I went off my birthcontrol, then I sought the guideance of an alternative medicine doctor, specializing in biological medicine opposed to chemical---- 


I was diagnosed (thou this is not medically recognized yet, due to lack of research I suppose) with KPU- a genetic disease that doesn't allow your body to absorb vital vitamins and minerals- Vitamin B, Biotin, Zinc and where the vitamins lacklack toxic environmental metals take there place- they increase the severity of bipolar symptoms.


WEnvironmental toxins can also aggrevate symptoms... such as microwave use, cell phone directly to your ear (frequecies go thru your head), wireless computers, poor indoor air quality, etc... 


MY point... I have been symptoms free for TWO MONTHS, that may not sound like much but when you are suffering this is huge!!! I take a lot of vitamins and detoxification supplements (directed by my doctor) to correct the KPU and have installed air purifiers, limit cell phone and computer use and I feel like a new person.


If you are suffering, do not give up, try everything and anything and see a specialist.. I don't use any chemical drugs and I am better, for now and hopefully forever.... 


Good thoughts,



Tonya, Community Member
7/16/12 10:48am
What is ect? God loves you! Reply
rureal.2, Community Member
3/15/13 11:35am

No updates in long time, How are you? My daughter now 33 suffered since 22. and every time she was pregnant she was normal. so after four children, three of which I have care for as my own, she started a hormonal birth control and has not had an episode in 10 months and is caring for her forth child as her own. At first her periods were out of control but they are now very stable and the mental calm is without a doubt a blessing to the whole family.

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