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Monday, April 06, 2009 Jess, Community Member, asks

Q: Does smoking pot to eleiviate bipolar stress really help?

when I smoke pot it helps to calm the constant racing thoughts and immediate wrong attitude in response to friends and family.  Does pot really help or is it a mask?  I handle kids, bills, husband, all of the above with a much more mellow response.  Often I have found it's not the words i use but the tone and attitude with which i respond to those around me that promote positive responses.  If I have a better attitude, they will too.  I seem to do much better when on marajuana.

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John McManamy, Health Guide
4/ 7/09 4:53am

HI, Jess. I can appreciate where you're coming from. Obviously, pot mellows your world, but you are undoubtedly taking a lot of risks, legal and medical. For one, the risk of psychosis is much higher amongst pot smokers. For another, you are taking large portions of your brain off-line. You may not think it's happening, but pot really slows down your brain's cognitive abilities.


Another point: You may be using your illness as an excuse to indulge in a drug that gives you a nice buzz. A recreational pot smoker may indulge only once or twice a week. My guess is you're inhaling practically every day. In which case, we are talking serious substance abuse. Abusers are very good at fabricaticating excuses. The fact that you are posting here indicates that you are either entertaining your own self-doubts or are looking for validation or both.


But I appreciate your situation. Mellow really beats being agitated. Calm really beats wanting to beat the crap out of the entire world. Calmly managing stressful situations really beats that feeling of crawling out of your skin and your brain shorting out from the overload.


Believe me, I know the feeling. I know where you're coming from. I'm in your corner.


Obviously, as you noticed, the best that meds can do is slow down your brain. They can't give you that feeling of inner peace that pot brings. They also can't turn around your immediate situation as dramatically - feeling agitated one minute, feeling mellow 10 minutes later.


But here's the deal: Meds aren't supposed to make you feel good. YOU are in charge of making you feel good. The meds are there to serve a limited function. Then it's over to you. It's no accident that some of the big drug advocates of the sixties dropped drugs and started getting into meditation and other practices. In essence, they took responsibility for actively seeking their own inner peace rather than rely on a weed or a mushroom or something concocted in a basement lab.


Meditation and other related practices proved to be not a fad. There is real medical benefit. There is real personal benefit. There is real spiritual benefit. Pot can give you an insight into the kind of person you want to be, into the state of mind you want to have. But then you are faced with the choice: Rely on a weed or other happiness fix or take it upon yourself to blaze a new path so you can be the source of your own happiness.


Hope I'm not sounding too preachy. Again, I appreciate your situation. Every choice in our recovery is a tough choice, so please do not hesitate to seek out support. Hope this helps ...



steve232, Community Member
4/30/09 10:29pm

Dude you are a fucking idiot.Weed is natural all these fucking pills are made in a factory who done better us or god?

SnoopyInGA32, Community Member
2/18/12 8:10pm

do you have bipolar? if you did you would understand

D. Meant IT!, Community Member
9/ 1/10 5:07pm


Sir, with all DUE respect, did you give much thought into what you wrote? I was diagnosed with Bi-polar Disorder and Intermittent explosive disorder. I am High NOW, while typing this. ANYHOO...


"Pot can give you an insight into the kind of person you want to be, into the state of mind you want to have." BUT BEFORE THAT YOU SAID... "But here's the deal: Meds aren't supposed to make you feel good. YOU are in charge of making you feel good. The meds are there to serve a limited function. Then it's over to you."


Adding INSULT to INJURY... Meditation and other related practices proved to be not a fad. There is real medical benefit. There is real personal benefit. There is real spiritual benefit.


The Following is a SPIRITUAL Benefits of the use of Marijuana I can ONLY guess what you might now be thinking, "It's some Rastafarian Rhetoric." Right? Nah, that would be TOO easy...


The Ethiopian Church has a membership of between 40 and 45 MILLION, the overwhelming majority of whom live in Ethiopia, and is thus the LARGEST of all ORIENTAL ORTHODOX churches. The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church is a FOUNDING member of the WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES. 


Here is what THEY have to say...


Now to my otherpoint MEDICAL Benefits an article on AlterNet surpringly enough entitled MENTAL MARIJUANA had this to say ...




Disabled World  Had this to say...


BASICALLY in a nut shell you CONTRADICTED yourself Sir. 


Please  and RESPECTFULLY; Do a bit MORE research and actually THINK about what you are Typing.












SnoopyInGA32, Community Member
2/18/12 8:12pm

u have a lot of nice facts and antidotes. please dont tell ppl pot helps bipolar. someone is gonna use pot everyday

D. Meant IT!, Community Member
9/ 1/10 5:57pm

ALSO, I have been on just about about EVERY medication, Depakote, Seroquel WHICH GAVE ME DIABETES ( I sued the Company and NOW have an English Bulldog, a 75 Gallon FOWLR predator Tank with a 3 Foot Snow Flake Eel, a 13 Inch Red Volitan Lion FIsh and a 8 Inch Picaso Humu Humu, a Candy Apple Red Dell XPS M1330 which is hooked up into a 47 Inch Vizio with a Bose 321 Home Theatre * I Know... like Peter Griffin would say... "FRICKIN SWEET", also a Mini Recording Studio which is ALL housed in a 3 bdrm Single Wide Style Crest!) THANKS ELI LILLY!!! I can't even REALISTICALLY name all the meds I have taken over the years! But I do know I lost a FULL Journalism Scholarship, have tried to commit suicide 11 times 3 times while in COLLEGE and while TAKING my Meds as PRESCRIBED!!! (If you'd like I'll give you the number to the Director of Students with Disabilities at my Alma Mater)...Oh did I mention I had a 3.76 GPA or I had a DOUBLE Major in Internet Technology (Research) with a Minor in Philosophy??? GO FIGURE. All this before I started smoking as I was a Muslim. But ONE day I threw the Comb away and flushed the Pills down the toilet and TRUE I went through some pretty "F'd" up withdrawls STILL all and all Once I got over the Media HYPE and did some research and self study actually filming myself around people and talking to my Shrink EVEN though PROFESSIONALLY they are SUPPOSED to advise against the useage of Marijuana ALL agree  (simply by being HONEST) that I am much better WITHOUT the Meds and simply smoking Herb.

I have NO desire to harm MYSELF or OTHERS. I THINK before I ACT, I CONTEMPLATE the OUTCOME as well as the CONSEQUENCES...


Medications simply MASKED (since you LOVE to use the word so often) your PROBLEMS, it triggers chemicals in the Brain that BLOCK receptors that trigger Adrenalin. THIS is DANGEROUS... The Probelms are STILL present, you haven't dealt with anything you simply TRANQULIZED them then you go to the Shrink and tell them how you haven't cussed anyone out or threaten to beat someone's butt or that you have no thoughts of killing yourself OF COURSE YOU DON'T because your TOO busy SLEEPING, ever try to come down off a MEDICATED HIGH??? There is NO amount of Coffee you can drink, NO shower that is going to balance you out it is a WAITING GAME... Then try to go to work on this CRAP you are NOT the same person and this is IF you CAN work. MOST of us CAN'T especially when you are taking SEVERAL heavy hitters at a time TWICE a day!!!

Hell ONE Seroquel makes me Loopy and I had to take FOUR 25mg twice a day also 1000mg Depakote and 300mg of Eskalith with an ADDITIONAL 100mg of Trazodone!!! So yeah I slept A LOT and guess what? The problems DIDN'T go away, they were NEVER dealt. Hours spent in THE RAPIST office (and BELIEVE ME they were TRULY "F"ing with my head) were wasted because I wasn't cognitive enough to realise that it was the MEDS that were causing all the SIDE EFFECTS and ALL the SUICIDE attempts ALL I ever got was "Let's INCREASE the dosage!" Ummm...IS THIS THING ON??? IF the LOW dosage is doing this WHY would you want to give me MORE??? "Oh there's not ENOUGH in your system, your NOT balanced yet!" Any MORE balancing I would've been DEAD!

WHAT!!! Need Help, Community Member
2/ 2/12 5:47pm

I am having the same issues and want to know what to do. I fee like you I have been on so many medications I have (Manic/Schizo Bi-polar) with insomnia and I need help. I have tried the marijuana and it REALLY help with the anger, and agitation from lack of sleep and a 100 other things going through my head, never tired and never know who I will be through-out the day what would be a good suggestion.  HELP

SnoopyInGA32, Community Member
2/18/12 8:17pm

the sleep troubles are so horrible. if u can get control of your daily routine. and remove bills or relationships or anythings bothering you. you need to feel less anxiety.  i do have to use trazodone as needed. if my sleep goes really bad i go to the trazodone.  and i dont take or mix anything with it. good luck. god bless.

SnoopyInGA32, Community Member
2/18/12 8:14pm

i have bipolar 1. and i have bad side affects from meds. and there could be bad effects from pot

someone, Community Member
1/30/11 1:53pm

ok for one i was on pills for a long time but had to stop b/c of the price and they just made me want to kill some thing k i just had a big out burts the other day and i beat the hell out of a old dryer  i was still in raged i couldnt think str8 , so my friend seen this and was scared as hell so he told me to  take 5 hits and and sit down  20 mins later we where on the gound lafeing are a$$ off at the way the dry looked ok my point is if i can go from nuklerand then goto thinking a stick is the funnest thing in the world im all for it b/c when i get that way i dont know how far i will go and who will get hurt  and i dont want that 30yr old male here that benches 300bls

SnoopyInGA32, Community Member
2/18/12 8:25pm

i have bipolar 1 and i occasionally smoke pot. its not what i wanna do all the time. i wanna follow the doctors meds.  i do hate the weight gain. well you are doing your best. i cant say weed is the answer or not. but i would want to know what it does to my brain. i think its ok in moderation

SnoopyInGA32, Community Member
2/18/12 8:08pm

i so agree. i have bipolar 1 and take depakote and paxil. also have vistaril and trazodone as needed.  i just got in a text fight with a roomie who won't admit to being bipolar. if she will admit i dont mind helping her.


thxs for a great commentary

peek, Community Member
3/14/12 10:51am

you clearly have not suffered the ravages of Bi-polarity. It is not up to me to make myself feel good. I am depresses, i cant feel good, not in the way that you can. Lithium, which helps you to not feel bad, has serious long term health concerns. Pot which helps me to not only not feel bad, but can actually help me feel good, has no demonstrated long term health effects. not one. Not one person has been diagnosed with cancer caused by Pot, not one person has wrecked their liver by using pot. If i have a choice of a medicine that sort of works, butwill damage my, or a medicine that works very well, even if it had the same long term health effects i would choose the latter. Furthermore while lithium had the distinction of being the oldest "medication" for Bi-polarity, pot has beem consumed by humand for centuries, hundreds of times longer than lithium. if there were long term health effects we shoud have seen them by now.

knowthyself, Community Member
4/ 6/09 8:28pm



I have heard of prescription being obtained in California for a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.  This does not make it effective for treating mania, depression or anxiety.  I think your percieved relief may be due to the effects of the drug, "the high," which for a time "masks" your symptoms.  I do not think it is acting on your system, like a medication specifically designed for that purpose does.


Substances can provide a feeling of relief and a person can rely on them and continue to cover up the symptoms but medication and learning ways to cope with them are lasting ways to overcome them.


Most information related to cannabis use, among the pschiatric community paints it in a negative light and there have even been reports that it may precipitate mania.  You are taking your car in your own hands with no definitive proof of benefits.

hugheslisa, Community Member
4/ 6/09 11:48pm


I am a 48 year old woman.  I do know that my therapist and psychiatrist tell me that smoking pot is not good, but.....I also know that it keeps me from running with all kidding aside, I was diagnosed 3 years ago with BiPolar I, with rapid cycling manic phases.  I am now on Depakote 800mg in morning and evening.  Seroquel 200mg. at bedtime. Effexor 200mg in the morning and Trazodone 200mg at bedtime.  I am now planning on getting  ECT (Shock therapy) since my condition is not getting better.  I have been unable to work.  I also have rheumatoid arthritis. my friend...after 3 attempts at suicide, smoking pot is okay with me.  If you ever feel like chatting, please let me know.


TheDarkFlock, Community Member
4/29/10 4:29am

Please reconsider getting ECT... our bodies are nothing more than a series of continual electro-chemical reactions, running a current through your body for this, in my mind, amounts to wiping your hard drive to get rid of a virus... (I could be off on the metaphor..) In other words, I think it's overkill. Be sure you've tried any possible alternatives before starting to physically tinker with yourself.

Serenity, Community Member
4/ 9/09 12:36am

My son; who is 19; was recently diagnosed as bipolar; presently going on my 4th week of hell. His favorite past time; smoking pot and a lot of it. It didn't help his situation at all.  He is presently getting ready to be transported to a wisconsin state institution to allow him to get the right cocktail and to get him out of his mania stage he is presently in.  Pot and his caffeine intake(Red Bull etc) only masked his underlying condition.  AODA was not a beneficial program for him after the initial 10 days while he still being treated;Too many hullinations at this point at time. Abuse of any drug or any other replacement for misery is a poor excuse for anyone. My x husband enjoyed being a buddy to my son and used the same mellows me.(My son went to live with him at 14) He set an example. (he is also bi-polar untreated; self medicates; been married three times the list goes on and on) Nobody is born with a pipe in there mouth. Now that my son is in his present condition I am the one who gets to pull his life together and find positive outlets for all that pain he has been hiding behind the pot and drinking is his teenage years with dad. It's a cheating way out of normal life stressors.. Adjust your meds..go work a a comedy...your mental health issues are your responsibility and so are your kids.  Give them a chance to have a outlet that would be a healthy choice and believe me when I tell you; your kids will remember those red glazy eyes and cotton mouth speeches you gave them while you were trying to parent them. "Don't do drugs; especially meth.."Mine certainly do, and if you dont think so; remember this;You'll have a long ride in there back seat when they are old enough to take over the steering wheel. If you think or know that you have a mood disorder now; you will really have one when you watch the hell your child goes thru mentally and physically when they are trying to find their way back home. "I just want to die; Im f'n crazy and here's my will mom...I love you."

I forgot to mention..Im suffering from severe depression and racing thoughts just finished paying my bills and trying to find a way to my for my son bills; so I just signed up for a yoga class;and joined a NAMI support group. No bongs or bottle's here and I know some day my 16 year old daughter will say..."mom cried so hard, purely exhausted but she still didn't give up..and neither will I."


D. Meant IT!, Community Member
9/ 1/10 6:40pm

Serenity... I can appreciate your struggle, you mentioned RED BULLS, theyare NOT healthy at all TRUST ME I used to love drinking Four Loco and Joose. WASN'T an intelligent venture! Your son was on one CRAZY trip with A Lot of GAS! Pure Adrenalin with THC wow... Somebody and You were doing some SERIOUS praying! He is lucky he did blow his Heart. Lord knows I CAN'T drink and I love Beer!!! ABSOLUTELY love it. But is DOESN'T love me...


TRUE, we ALL find some ill gotten vindication with the ole "It mellows me out." Tommy Chong made a compelling argument in a twisted kind of way, in the Movie Nice Dreams Chong makes a statement that although hilarious (IF you are into Cheech and Chong as every TRUE stoner is but then even IF you are NOT) causes us to really think about my PESONAL favorite vindication " Sherlock Holmes does Coke and he's not so dumb!" This is to say "I think better when I smoke!" NO, we simply get long winded. Herb DOESN'T make you smarter TRUE but it does bring out what is WITHIN. IF you are an A$$hole SOBER you will be MORE so High the same with Alcohol and even MEDICATIONS.


You CANNOT mix any of them, they are an OXYMORON like WORLD UNITY!!! ;)

But SERIOUSLY (Hey I told you We get long winded) I'm being cute to lighten the mood. I am in NO way, shape or form suggesting that your 16 year old Son smoke weed. He simply put HAS NO DAMN BUISNESS doing so and DEFINATELY not having it introduced by a biological superior NOTICE I did say FATHER you have heard the old adage "Any Fool with a..."  I DON'T get along with mine either.


On getting the RIGHT COCKTAIL... Your Son AIN'T a Guinnee Pig! I'm SORRY if that comes off as HARSH and although it is NOT my right or place BUT you DID bring it here on an OPEN forum so... (ALL RULES APPLY) PLEASE do your research, balance it out in your OWN mind this is YOUR son that YOU carried and raised the very same who you are CRYING over... I lost my Mother LAST year 3 weeks AGO and my Grandmother and my older Brother to Suicide who was addicted to Cocaine and I'm IF things DON'T change going to lose the ELDEST.

I carry my Family name I want to leave a better statement when I return to the essence than what I've done in the past. STILL Truth is Truth!!!


The Pharmaceutical companies are out to make MONEY, the Dr.'s get SPONSORSHIPS from prescribing MEDICATIONS not to forget to mention all the CLOCKS, PENS, MOUSE PADS ect... so do you REALLY think they are going to tell you THIS STUFF REALLY AIN'T ALL THAT and BE CAREFUL???


Now let's think about theis CAREFULLY... Look at the Bottles of the Meds your son is CURRENTLY or WAS taking then tonight and for an entire month write down how many of those drugs have a COMMERCIAL that goes a lil sumpthin like THIS...



"Hello, have you or someone you love take the Drug ___________?" Then see how many times you have the oh so FAMILIAR "Hey, I did...."

Ro Ro, Community Member
4/ 9/09 3:18pm

Dear Jess -  As a former "pot head" who used marijuanna for years it is a mask and a dangerous one.  Only through medication and talk therapy can you be straight and obtain the same mellow response. I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar in 1998 quit smoking in 1999 and went through every possible medication available.I am living proof that it is possible.  Medication, talk therapy and getting rid of toxic friendships.  Like your drug dealer.  I am happy, mellow and know enough to come out of the rain when I feel that feeling.  Get your act together the 60's are over.

jessie, Community Member
4/ 9/09 5:33pm

how dare they all put it down some people it helps and others it doesn't it is diffrent for everyone if it helps you like it does me then smoke they talk about drug abuse well what about we go through with the 5 thousand diffrent drug combinations half the time you end up like a zombie i fell that is drug abuse

Linus, Community Member
4/10/09 7:18pm

Jess and experts,  I've been dealing with this disorder for 50 yrs and have used pot off and on.  I understand all the negatives, but I have to say, thru my own experience, it has helped me thru some nights that otherwise suicide attemps could have been made.

Zw4nzig, Community Member
5/24/09 5:03pm

Absolutely, I agree one hundred percent. At this current time, I have just lost my job, am two days behind on a $300 car payment, and a similar insurance payment, not to mention $500 in child support due the end of this month. I was pretty much ready to meet God, until I decided to.. Well, alleviate the feeling. Now I'm watching Power Rangers in PIP.


It's ok by me!


(And to those who say that as soon as I am not stoned, the depression is going to get back to me again; I don't beleive I have ANY psychological problems at all, to be honest. I'm never depressed or sad, or having anxiety or mood swings. Life is just ganging up on me, and I think it was me quiting in the so called 'competition.' Smoking pot has allowed me to enjoy reruns of Pokemon and Power Rangers (Favorite things from child hood are better stoned; I'm 23.) and completley lifted my mood.

TheDarkFlock, Community Member
4/29/10 4:19am

Given the fact that I've been on 12 or 13 different kinds of meds, I can tell you with all certainty that for all the brag and bounce, psychiatric medications do nothing more that 'mask' the symptoms as well. The real difference is in the side effects, where most anti psychotic/anti depressant meds cause various digestive problems and headaches, not to mention the debilitating cognitive effects some of the stronger meds can have(Seroquel comes to mind... I was almost to the point of stumbling around moaning 'Brains...'), cannabis' side effects(the ones I've experienced) range from wanting to eat more (I'm a 26 year old male, 5 foot 4, 120 pounds, eating more is not a bad thing...) to forgetting where my glasses are when I'm wearing them.. Having experienced both, and only having tried cannabis AFTER having played guinea pig with all the various chemical agents that psychiatrists call medication, I can tell you that it does really help.

Also, someone mentioned "medication specifically designed for that purpose". If it were so, why would we have to keep submitting to the indignity of having our lives turned upside down because 'we have to try every available alternative'... as if being afflicted with a mood randomizer isn't bad enough, we have to worsen it by 'trying' everything they can throw at us so we can really crap ourselves while we're in full blown mania. None of these meds were 'designed' with this purpose, for the simple fact that they have no clue what they'd be designing it for. This is pretty much what psychiatrists are saying: "We don't know what causes this illness, but here, these chemicals affect the brain, and this illness starts in the brain, so let's just try 'em all and see what happens".

Now, I'm not saying that meds don't help anyone, because they do. But some people don't respond well to them, and having alternatives that have preconceived prejudicial beliefs associated to them is a real problem. Pot doesn't fry your brain. I've never hallucinated after smoking a joint. But I have to deal with people, completely healthy people, looking down on me based on their learned ignorance of my choice of medication. Who are these people to judge something like this? Do we let someone who's never driven in his life decide what makes a car safer? Would you let a blind man paint your house?

Sorry 'bout the rant, btw...



Lorna, Community Member
5/18/10 5:46pm

ive been looking into bipolar alot lately as mine has got very severe. after lots of reading ive read that alot of people use it to control the mania .and ive found it helps when i am manic. but when im depressed and manic at same time it makes me worse. i find that the racing thoughts when i am depressed upset me to the point of causing harm to myself. the thoughts when i am on a normal high manic episode are positive and not upsetting.

wheni haven't had a smoke and im depressed i still get racing thoughts but they dont devastate me as much as when ive smoked.

I use great amounts of caution to decide if i should have a smoke or not in attempt to avoid causing myself harm.

I know everyone is different so please do not take this as advice this is just my personal experiences.

I am currently not on any meds as the mental health service where i live are still yet to get me an appointment. once on meds this could all change . please be very careful and dont forget to advise your docs ect that you use weed as a relief from the symtoms as adverse effects this could have on your medication. i dont know if there is any but hiding it from the specialist i dont think will help .

SnoopyInGA32, Community Member
2/18/12 8:42pm



i would use it in moderation. and find out all you can. i am bipolar 1 i try to occasionally use pot. seems it comes to me every now and then.  i dont know all what pot does to my brain. maybe its safe for you and it helps.

sarah maggio, Community Member
8/12/12 12:27am

ive been diagnosed with bipolar with psychotic tendencies with auditory and visual hallucinations ,im so fucked up im on disability ,last year i was in and out of hospitals for six months .im on risperdal depikot ,lunesta and xanax ,and they dont work all they do is make you fat dumb lazzy and stupid my husband makes fun of me because of how stupid ive become !!!! all i can do is sit on the couch and droll all over my self im on 6mg of risperdal and it makes me piss my pants every were i go !!!ooo and ive gained seventy pounds !!!!!!! im quiting the drugs and smokeing weed all day at least this way i wont piss every were

shewyd17, Community Member
12/ 9/12 1:27pm

SourceURL:file:///Hard%20Drive/BiPolar/BiPolar%20Treatment.doc p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: Times; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; }

I've been through years of meds for my bipolar, end result, freakin zombie, how can you improve your quality of life when you don't even want to join in? I have 2 younger daughters...I have recently beat the crap out of my serious alcohol, hiding, problem. I had horrible side effects, example, my pinky and ring finger were constricted by my arm muscle, happened 4-7 times a day, extremely painful and really scared the crap out of me because the warnings on the label stated that you must discontinue use immediately so that this doesn't become permanent (so much for "...absolutely, under any circumstance are you to discontinue your meds without consulting a doctor...", really, did I have to wait for him to tell me that?). So, for all of those 'arm-chair' professionals out there, got something for you...try those meds for yourself before you pass judgement. I'd much rather live ecentric, than have a starring role on 'The Walking Dead'.




Gave up the booze (about a year now), taking recommended doses of vitamins, EDUCATION IS KEY, identifying your swings, and yes smoking a problem with that, talk to Obama...still don't understand why it's a class 1 drug, punishable on the same level and considered as dangerous as HEROIN??? Get real. I don't care if it's legal or not. I want an option from a medical standpoint, yes people will use it just to get high, I will claim 50/50 on that one. So, I guess we should punish people at the same level for X-which I never did, oh yeah, spice and how bout those lovely anti-deppresents, couldn't imagine dying from pot, yet the FDA deems it 'acceptable'.




--Just my opinion.




I lost my marriage, I lost some friends (due to the quietening effect of booze on my brain), bottom line is: If you have true friends, they will educate themselves, as I do often, tell you when they see a change coming on, understand what is happening in your head, how to effectively steer the swing to a somewhat healthier outlook, creative outlets (when your bipolar, your crazy ideas can be fun), read, read, read. Mood chart?




Granted, hallucinations, cliff jumping with no ‘chute,  yeah, meds, fast...not an issue here.


I seldom live in the depressive state, with exception to my 4-year booze stint. Before my 4-year blackout, I had a similar blackout with the meds, that will account for a total of 7 additional years, coupled with therapy, counseling and shrinks.




Now, why do you suppose an alternative is necessary. Sure…be well, shuffle with the masses, get your paycheck, be a sheep in a heard of other mind numbing folk, and pine for life...sooner die (no, not suicidal).




I welcome your comments...







Oh, yeah, 3 out of the 6 professionals that I spent countless hours with agree that my use of weed and the results it provides, and I quote, "Yours is by no means a unique solution to pills". Now I can't prove that, they would lose their license if they recommended such a dangerous, class 1 drug that cannot be prescribed in Pennsylvania. So, there ya go...or should I go for a class 2 drug, maybe Cocaine, or better yet, not some much jail time...Class 3: 

  • Amphetamine
  • Barbiturate
  • Valium
  • Xanax
  • Anabolic Steroids
  • Codeine


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