• Karen Karen
    October 08, 2008
    Lamictal and sex
    Karen Karen
    October 08, 2008

    I have been taking Lamitcal for a few months now and my sex drive has gone downhill since taking it. Is this normal? I take 150mg. We are also weaning me off Rispardal.

     I am tired constantly and feel weighted down and feel like I have no emotions.



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  • Scottren October 08, 2008
    October 08, 2008


    I am 38 and have been taking Lamitcal for around three years. You seem to feel the way I did before I started taking Lamitcal. I was at one time up to 275mg, currently @ 100mg. I have never had a sexual problem that I would atribute to Lamitcal. I think it probably saved my life. It cleared my head enough to get some energy back and start my life again. You have to stay active to increase your energy levels. I have finally discovered this in my own experience. I had to get out of my house and start living life unprotected, that was stimulating for me. The more stimulation you have, the more energy or drive you will have. Just don't get too stimulated, we all know what happens then!!!


  • Kattz March 29, 2011
    March 29, 2011

    I've also been having sex drive issues while being on Lamictal, although I am not sure if it is medication related. I've been researching and according to all official documents, it's only mentioned to increase libido. I've seen a few forum threads and such where people have complained of greatly decreased sex drive, but they are always met with "are you sure its not because of other factors like stress, depression, etc?"


    Have you had any advancement on this change in libido? 

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