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  • saleigh844 November 12, 2008
    November 12, 2008

    Well it doesnt ALWAYS mean that they are bipolar.It may just mean that they say stuff they dont mean at time and think it over and apologize.Now i will give you a hint Bipolars tend not to say sorry cause for awhile we believe it is true.I say hurtful things to the ones i love and then feel bad about it,but even normal people do that. Bipolars most of the time do not remember how hurtful what they said was, and we are nutorious for cutting deep when we are in an argument or we are paraniod.Usually we do not apologize because we dont think about what we say as hurtful.

    If it is a loved one just look in there eyes when they are saying something hurtful and if you see that they are not themselves when they say it then watch them when they apologize if it seem like a different person, they may be a bipolar.Just next time watch them, and if you want to send me a message back about what you think.

    • mike
      July 12, 2012
      July 12, 2012

      my wife just text me and told me i make her sick to her stomach and she wants a divorce. she dont want to be around me and then i should move out.she wants to die. text me back and says she loves me an hour later and she is sorry.i am suffering.she is never happy .she is very sick

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