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  • Butterfly1971 March 04, 2009
    March 04, 2009



    Unfortunately there isn't an easy answer to your question but having said that what had helped me was to read up alot about the condition. I have also learned how to work out when my husband is about to have an episode, I can usually tell cause he will have a go at me over things that he normally wouldn't and they can be pretty hurtful. So what I tend to do is let him be, I tend to go into a different room or outside into the garden. I have found that 95% of the time it works well. I do still keep an eye on him though to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid.


    I think the hard part is that when they have a go at you about stuff, blame you for everything that has gone wrong in their life that you stay calm and not bite back. I have done this all too often and thats usually when I would leave him on his own, most of the time it works but then there are other times where he ends up facing me again and continues to have a go at me.


    I hope this helps you a little.



  • penguin5711 February 13, 2009
    February 13, 2009

    the best advice i could give you would be to read as much about it as you can, possible go to a bipolar support group for family memebers, you can either talk with other families that are going through what you are going through or you can see the people that are going through the bipolar disorder and hear what it is like first hand

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