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  • Michelle May 14, 2013
    May 14, 2013
    30 mg adderall generic are orange and either round or octagon shaped they have 30 written on one side and are medium to large in size they also have a sort of sweet taste. Adderall comes in time released and instant released the ones I just described are instant released. The time released or Adderall XR are always in capsule form and only need to be taken once daily swallowed whole. Do not chew or crush or open as this will void the time release and give you an all day dose at one time which can be quite strong and/or dangerous especially to those who are newly prescribed the medicine. Back to the original question, Adderall are highly addictive and widely prescribed for ADHD or ADD especially in children and teenagers however there are plenty of adults who are prescribed them as well. Adderall instant release generic name is amphetamine salts come in several dosage strengths 5mg,10mg,15mg,20mg, and 30mg, as far as I know that is all in the instant and I am pretty sure the XR are the same only all in capsules. The instant release or amphetamine salts (Adderall) colors are 30mg and 20mg are both orange and 20mg are round or oval I already told you about the 30mg. The 15mg and 10mg are both a darker blue and smaller also round. Finally the 5mg are even smaller still also round and peach I believe but not sure on color. Also the 20 and 30mg can be either orange or pink depending on the manufacturer. I hope this helps to answer your question but let me say this I am NOT a pharmacist but have a son age11 on Adderall instant as the XR killed his appetite all day and he was loosing to much weight to fast and the instant doesn't seem to have as bad an effect on his eating except for the first hour or two after he takes it. Therefore I feed him his breakfast first then give it to him. By lunch it has worn off so he eats lunch then takes another smaller mg dose that holds him for the rest of the day and homework and has worn off by dinner so it works much better for him. However it took several dosage adjustments and both types of Adderall before we found a good fit so don't give up the goal can be reached with a good caring doctor or pediatrician or even a psychiatrist or child specialist. Always have your child tested by a professional and get good feedback from your child's teacher too if possible as many children are misdiagnosed. Also Adderall is widely over prescribed by accident and by fault. As much as we hate to admit it Adderall is also widely abused by all ages and races so just be cautious, as many teens know this and like the feeling of being able to stay awake for days which is very dangerous. Don't misunderstand me though Adderall is a very good medication when taken properly and prescribed by a doctor. It has helped my son completely. We do however take him off of it over summer break and any other week long school breaks as this is recommended however not necessary or possible for all people on it. Of course it depends on each individual case. READ MORE
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