• meadowgirl meadowgirl
    May 05, 2008
    How to get someone help
    meadowgirl meadowgirl
    May 05, 2008

    My brother,an adult, was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and bi-polar.  He has hit the deep end and has lost touch with reality. I don't really want to get into personal details. My sister-in-law has had to call the police twice due to violence... and he has threatened suicide.  The police say they can not take him unless he is a threat to himself... or others.  An assesment team even came out to the house after the second call and said he wasn't enough of a "threat."  He says he is fine and refuses any help or meds.  He now sees the numbers 666 every where and says the devil is out to get him.  He can act sane when it suits him but loses it around people he is comfortable with.  We were told that a judge would have to order him into a hospital.  Does anyone have any advice, please?  We have tried to talk him into getting help and he becomes mad as us because (in his words)...we think he is crazy.  This has been going on and progressing for several years.  I have been trying to find info on line for the state of Texas...to not much avail.  Thank you.



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  • StacyLyn May 07, 2008
    May 07, 2008

    Hi Meadowgirl,

    Unfornately the rules of getting someone help is horrible.  Maybe when you call the police you can say he threatened to hurt himself and he threatened his wife or you.  I had to have my brother committed for Paranoid Skizophrenia because he could not face it.  If you know his Physician, maybe the Physician can have him 2PC'd. That means that two Physician's deem him necessary to be admitted into a mental facility for treatment.  Calling the police on domestic violence will only get him in jail, with no psychiatric help at all.  He needs to get Psychiatric Help. 


    My brother thanked me later on.  He still has his ups and downs.  My husband is in crisis now with bipolar.  The Psychiatrist informed me that he might commit him today.  This is a horrible way to live.  I can only hope and pray your brother doesn't do anything to hurt himself before it's too late.


    Good Luck,


    • moanielou
      November 24, 2009
      November 24, 2009

      I am in the same boat as meadowgirl, however, it is my mother. My question is how do you get them to see the doctor? Whenever they say that they don't need help and won't take there medication, what do you do? 

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  • K Long February 26, 2010
    K Long
    February 26, 2010

    Wow! We are going through this right now with my sister.  She's threatening to get restraining orders on all those who care about her most, including her church family.  Her voice sounds like the devil himself...but at the same time, when it is to her benefit she knows how to calm herself.  Last week, she called 911 to haver herself taken to the hospital...but of course not for her mental illness...she claimed her blood pressure was too high, once she arrived at BJC in St. Louis, the doctors saw something was clearly wrong and admitted her to the psych floor, but for heaven's sake they only kept her for four days!  She's out...told my cousin that she's not taking the meds and this time I'm so afraid for my nephew, who is 16 years old.  Our family is devastated...she  has really taken her episodes to a new level and I'm afraid that someone--maybe even herself will be hurt.  My heart goes out to you and your family and hope that you have received some help.

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