• juls59 juls59
    October 01, 2010
    Planning suicide(how to do it without leaving a mess..the most efficeint way to be successful.. leaving the notes. and making sure that no-one has to bear the brunt of the burial, who gets my pets..
    juls59 juls59
    October 01, 2010

    This is what occupies my thoughts ALL of the time. I'm bipolar , with anxiety and major depression. Life sucks, nothing is going to get better..nobody really has a clue why I am the way I am, and I just tired, tired, tired of it ALL. I just needed to write this out. Thank you



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  • Lisa October 01, 2010
    October 01, 2010

    Believe it or not I think about it almost everyday.  I'm not depressed to where I'm in bed and can't get up but those thoughts still HAUNT my mind.  I know the medical doctors can't cure it but the bipolar disorder can be managed.  I'm not saying it's easy dealing with it--far from it--those crappy days will come to pass.  Look on forward to your dreams..I want to hang glide in the worst way--keeping that dream alive in my head keeps me from killing myself.  I know that when I feel BAD- i have on my mind that the bad is lasting forever and guess what--after it ends it will come back.


    This disorder is exhausting.  Other people that don't have this disorder don't know exactly what your feeling but they do care and feel for you.  I was talking with my niece last night(she's 18) about her boyfriend-she says he's driving her crazy by asking her opinion about whatever and then says never mind no body cares anyway.  She's like what did i do?  She says I don't know what to tell him because he negates everything.  I told her that how he is was how i was long time ago without medication-never knew what i wanted-or at least was always the exact opposite.  I gave the advice that he doesn't FEEL like he's wanted or even appreciated.  But all she can think of is how he is treating her.  I told her to give him support over the phone of asking him how can she help.  Just let him know he's important to you.


    Definitely with this disorder your feelings get MIXED up to say the least.  I'm not quite as mixed up as before meds but the cycle still continues with my mixed states.  Thanks for listening and hang in there.  Keep your DREAM alive.

  • Donna-1 October 01, 2010
    October 01, 2010

    Juls, I seriously considered suicide most days for years.  I thought there was no way out of the pain but to give up living.  I wanted to trade the sad life I had for death.  For nothingness.  And yes, I tried 3 times by overdose.  FORTUNATELY it didn't work and I'm still here.  Are there any changes in your life that you think might give you some relief?  Are there big stressors you could eliminate?


    I decided to stop working (a wonderful job in the state education system) and was able to draw a disability pension from that even thought I was just 39.  I applied for Social Security Disability Income and was approved.  I let my house go into foreclosure and moved in with my mother for 12 years.  Needless to say, you may not have these options.  But you are not stuck where you are with no options, are you?  You might have to give up something in order to gain a new perspective on life.  And it won't be easy.  But taking little steps to "fix" your life will slowly move you forward.


    Is it too much to take care of your pets?  Give them to a loving home.  Move to a small apartment and get rid of all the "stuff" you don't need.  SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE.  Pare it down to only the bare necessities.  Instead of planning for death, plan for life.  All the things you want to get away from, all the things you can't handle -- just step to the side, out of their direct path.  Doesn't giving up the things you think you "have" to do or "should do" that are causing you so much grief -- isn't that preferable to giving up life itself?


    I hope something in this is helpful.  I want you to know that these are some of the things that helped me.  Instead of "doing" for everyone else, I took care of myself.  And I came out on the other side of that forest of suicide that I had been walking through.  Keep walking and you will emerge.  And you will be grateful for life.

    • gloucester- no longer exists on this site
      March 02, 2011


      I think Donna's last paragraph is good advice:  Take care of yourself.


      I know this may sound crazy but one of the things I've learned is to pick up my thesaurus and thumb through it, picking out words that truly paint me in a positive light.  Not only is it fun, it gives you a true sense of self worth.  I'm not exaggerating so don't laugh at me.  We're all in the same boat more or less and we all understand one another to a degree - but we are humans which makes each of us a very unique commodity. 


      Believe me, I've been there and working at self improvement is worth the cost, effort and sometimes the pain.  I almost got to the point where I was thinking 'I could have been somebody' - not a good place to be.  The past can be very dark.  Then I realized that if there was one minute in my day that was good then I should be able to turn it into two minutes - and on. 


      Practice, practice, practice your good habits - both rumination and speculation will get you nowhere.  Stay in the moment.  That's where your strength is - right there, right now.  Believe in yourself. 


      We spend so much time putting ourselves down over things we can't or couldn't change that it's easy to form bad habits. 


      Again, I was there, and sometimes still am.  But I try.  I practice.  Think about it.  Think about yourself and pat your own back for once.  Give yourself the credit you deserve.

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  • amiesparkle October 01, 2010
    October 01, 2010

    You sound like you are in so much pain. I bet the pain never goes away right? For me pain includes depression, anxiety and that whole bag of beans. Do you have children? If you do then I suggest you think a thousand times more if this is the right choice for you (and children). My dad suicided five years ago. If you don't have children is there anything at all that you like? Is there anything that brings a smile to your face or make your body relax? Is there a person in your life that you trust that you could talk to about some of your concerns about things you mentioned like pets, etc...? Could you afford to go see a really good therapist/psychiatrist? Maybe talk therapy with meds. therapy? I am coming up short on every end. I want to say something to you that would help and I am at a loss. I wish that you felt better. I wish that soon you might feel the warm sun on your face or taste something delicious and realize that another day here may not be so bad. Then another day someone does something for you or reaches out and even if you are not accepting of it, know that people are aware of you, love you and care. Then another day might not be so bad. And each day thereafter find something small or big that "might make another day not be so bad."

    Amie B.

  • Trinity August 27, 2015
    August 27, 2015
    Hi Juls59, I hear you. I have bipolar type II, social anxiety, and major depressions. I too thought about suicide many times but I’m not about the easy way out, I deserve better than that, don’t you?! All my life I worked hard on being who I am and not be a slave of what my brain vomits all day. With these kinds of disorders we have to be rational, as much as we can, just because it’s hard work to learn how to live with it doesn’t mean we have to give up on ourselves. Take one day at the time and find help. Simple things like sleeping all you need and stop eating fast food or white sugar in your meals makes a hell of a lot of difference, for example. CBT (cognitive Behavior therapy) is the best therapy to help you understand your disorder. You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. You deserve a chance to take care of yourself and make things better. I’m here if you need more help or just to vent. Think about it. READ MORE
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