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Managing Bipolar Disorder

Coping and Support Basics

  • Stethoscope
    Check your Symptoms
    Use our tools and guides to help assess and manage your bipolar symptoms.
  • Treatment
    Treatment options for bipolar disorder are extremely varied. Check out our guide, and get an idea of what different treatment plans will offer.
  • runner, exercise
    Action Plans
    Take charge of your health and work toward wellness with these guides to managing symptoms, eating right and staying healthy.
  • Recovery/Wellness
    Eating right, exercising, building a support network. Learn how these and other actions can get you on the right track to recovery.
  • Community Holding Hands
    Find Support in our Community
    Do you have a story to tell, or a question you just can't seem to find the answer to? Join our community and share with others who understand.

Bipolar Quizzes: Test Your Knowledge!

  • Bipolar Symptoms Quiz
    Do you have all the facts straight on mania, depression, and mixed mood states? Take this quick quiz and find out how savvy you are about bipolar symptoms!

Friends and Family

  • Support for Bipolar Loved One
    Is your loved one suffering from bipolar disorder? Find out what to do and how to help.