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Breast Cancer Partners and Husbands

If you're the husband or partner of a breast cancer patient, you're in need of information and support just as much as your loved one. And you've come to the right place.   

The First 48 Hours for Husbands and Partners

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Just Diagnosed?

The First 48 Hours

She has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Now what? Beth Brophy explains what you need to know to best support the woman you love through her fight.
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More Ways to Connect:

  • Connect with Breast Cancer Husbands and Partners
    You're probably exhausted with worry over your loved one and the stress of coping with the disease. Find support from other husbands and partners here.
  • In Sickness and In Health: The Breast Cancer Husband
    Author Marc Silver explains the do's and don'ts for husbands of breast cancer patients.
  • Doug and Keri at Thanksgiving
    Doug Haberstroh
    Doug's wife, Keri, was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 25. In November 2006, at age 26, Keri lost her battle.
  • Men Against Breast Cancer Heyison
    Marc Heyison
    Marc is the son of a survivor, Gloria, and the President and Co-Founder of Men Against Breast Cancer.
  • Tom Brown
    Tom is the author of Men Bleed Too, the Story of Barbara Brown's Battle with Breast Cancer. In 1992, Barbara was diagnosed with breast cancer; she died about two years later, after a courageous struggle.