Friday, September 19, 2014
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Breast Cancer and Yoga

 Marcie Pruett, 39, of San Diego, California has been battling breast cancer for the past three years. After two surgeries, two cycles of chemotherapy and radiation, and a course of oral chemotherapy for the past six months, she feels thirty years older than her age. “My bones and my muscles ache, and it’s difficult to move around... Read moreChevron

Book recommendation

From NYT: From Jane Brody’s Health column, a book recommendation. The author, Jessie Gruman, 53, has had four dire diagnoses in her life, so far—Hodgkin’s disease, cervical cancer, viral pericarditis, and colon cancer. The book is “Aftershock: What To Do When the Doctor Gives You—Or Someone You Love—a Devastating Diagnosis, ... Read moreChevron

African American Women Less Likely to get Breast Cancer

From Washington Post, 6-23-07: Black Women Hit by Drug-Resistant Breast Cancer: Scientists Look at Genes, Breast-Feeding Patterns Black women, who are less likely than whites to get breast cancer, are more likely to die from it. Perhaps the reason why is that black women are more likely to get a more aggressive form of the disease, known as... Read moreChevron

Elizabeth Edwards interview

Alert: You can't access it online (at least not yet) but the July issue of Vogue has an interview with Elizabeth Edwards, where she talks about her decisions having to do with life after cancer. It includes some nice photos of the Edwards family.

Breast Cancer News Alerts

Wash Post: The federal government has cancelled a $100 million study that was going to examine the new generation of drugs known as aromatase inhibitors, which seemed to be more effective at reducing the risk of breast cancer. It is unusual to cancel a long-planned study but the National Cancer Institute said it couldn’t justify the study... Read moreChevron