Leaving Your Partner after a Cancer Diagnosis

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  • I’m sorry to hear when anyone, celebrity or not, has breast cancer. Yet the first thought I had upon hearing the news about Sheryl Crow is how ironic for her to receive a cancer diagnosis just a few weeks after calling it quits with Tour de France champ Lance Armstrong, the cancer survivor role model for millions. Perhaps their shared cancer experience might have been the bridge they needed to save their troubled relationship.

    Lest you think I have any special insights about what went wrong with the formerly engaged singer and the athlete, one of the more appealing celebrities couples around --or is that I just naturally root for any couple where the woman is 10 years older than the man instead of the more conventional other way around?-- let me assure you that the sum total of what I know about Sheryl and Lance comes from reading tabloids while on the checkout line at the supermarket. I’ve gleaned that his three kids from his first marriage approved of Sheryl, and their busy schedules kept the super couple apart--the same problem that plagued Brad and Jennifer, right? Well, maybe Lance will come back to Sheryl’s side s now and they can get back on track as a couple. I hope People covers this burning question soon, so I can stop wondering.
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    I have given a little more thought to the general question raised by Lance and Sheryl, and also a subplot on last night’s episode of Gray’s Anatomy: Why does adversity, in the form of an unexpected illness or other lightning bolt of bad news, knit some couples together while causing other couples to unravel completely? On Gray’s Anatomy, a woman deserted her fiancée at his bedside after learning he had a serious heart problem. She just couldn’t cope, she said. She was so wrapped up in planning her wedding reception that she had never gotten around to thinking about the vow of “in sickness and health.” Personally, I thought the guy was lucky to be rid of her before they got hitched. Who needs a fair weather spouse? Nobody goes through life unscathed by bad news.

    Anyway, I have no answer to this question. I’m just glad that I’m not married to a bolter. Although I’m pretty sure I knew that way before I had cancer.

Published On: February 27, 2006