Lauren Terrazano Column Resonates with Cancer Patients

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  • I recently discovered a series of columns, written by Lauren Terrazzano of Newsday, called “Life, with Cancer." ( The writer’s story is sad, but her columns are noteworthy. Terrazano, now 39, was diagnosed with lung cancer two years ago. Only a few days after her wedding last year, her lung cancer recurred. A column last week deals with her most recent prognosis, that she is only expected to live for a few months. She seems matter-of-fact about her fate, and there’s a lot of wisdom in her observations. Some of the topics she addresses strike a chord with me, and probably will with most people who have had the cancer experience: Elizabeth Edwards, the high cost of waiting in doctor’s offices, how cancer changes you, and how small gestures from people can mean a lot. Terrazzano can also be very funny. She devotes to two columns to a topic close to my heart: the thoughtless remarks people make to you upon learning you have cancer. The column containing remarks that readers wrote in to her contains some gems including: Now, you’ll be able to shed that weight you wanted to lose. Wow, your treatment really went for fast (for the observer, not the patient, I’m sure it did). A husband who told his wife that before her breast diagnosis he was going to leave her. I know how you feel. My cat has cancer. Having breast cancer is like having the flu now. (Again, for the observer, maybe, but not for the patient.) So, check out the columns and let us know what you think about them.

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    For more on Lauren Terrazano, please read this update on Lauren, who passed away in May, 2007. 

Published On: April 16, 2007