Endometrial Cancer a Side Effect of Tamoxifen

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  • Guess where I am.


    Mayo Clinic

    I'm blogging live from The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, a place that Geraldo Rivera calls it's own universe...


    Most of the magazines at the Mayo Clinic have this sticker on them:


    Mayo Clinic magazines

    In case the image from my cell phone is blurry, the sticker says, "In the interest of promoting good health, Mayo Clinic selects magazines that do not routinely carry tobacco advertisements."


    A nurse comes in to change the pillowcase on the exam table. Then she puts this sign on the table.


    Mayo Clinic clean linen

    Although it is, actually, "clean cotton."

    Here it is, a REAL pillow in an exam room. (For you skeptics out there.)

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    Mayo Clinic pillow

    This is endocrinologist Dr. Richard Emslander.


    Richard Emslander

    He is overseeing our cases. (My Speedy Hubster Silvano and mine). Dr. Emslander will celebrate 50 years here at Mayo on April 1. He has a plaque in his office that honors him as a "Distinguished Mayo Physician."


    One of the things I'm being checked for is endometrial cancer. It's a side effect of the d@mn drug I'm taking -- tamoxifen. (Don't you just love that? Fight breast cancer with a drug that can lead to cancer somewhere else in the body! Btw, more on tamoxifen in my next illustrated post.)


    Back to Mayo, I've noticed that it is the gold standard for hospitals -- everything is geared to make the patient healthy and comfortable. They do things like heat the gel they put on the roller so it isn't cold on your body when they give you a sonogram.


    And a nurse escorts you to the exam room. Another nurse will escort you to the dressing room. People stop you if you look lost. It's like the concierge service here! Except for this:



    Mayo Clinic metal stirrups


    I totally busted them on... METAL STIRRUPS????????


    Tomorrow...a tour of the Mayo Clinic. For instance, this is totally different than what you would expect.



    It's The Mayo underground, and there are shops and restaurants, and oh yeah, it's the passageway to all the buildings in The Clinic...and there isn't any subway!


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Published On: March 11, 2008