Mayo Clinic's Electronic Records Help Doctors with Patients

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  • Day 3. Live from The Mayo Clinic. The first thing I wanted to do was give you a mini Mayo tour. So, The Hubster Silvano and I stopped off here...


    ...And asked the woman at this desk (who preferred not to be photographed), "Do you know how many buildings are connected in The Mayo Clinic?"


    Her response: "Heavens, no!" Then she gave me a brochure, and tells us there's a tour of the clinic that starts every morning at 10 a.m. At which point I decide forget about building-gazing! So, off we go to the heart of the Mayo Clinic...


    Here is the living, breathing beautiful aorta of Mayo:


    Yeah, the computer looks nice, but what's INSIDE the computer is phenomenal. It's The Electronic Medical Record.

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    It's the Mayo in-house system that connects the entire medical team together.

    I know I went on about it yesterday, but I got more info and besides, I'm obsessed.

    It's amazing! Each patient has their own electronic file, or record.

    Here's how it works: a patient is given a Mayo number and a file is created. The patient sees a doctor, who writes down their notes, orders tests, and that gets added to the patient's file. And so on, and so on...

    This enables doctors to see all the test results and know everyone on the medical team who's seen a patient (because they've recorded it) and what everyone's said about that patient (because they've written it down and put it in the patient's electronic file.) So the doctor knows everything about a patient before they've walked into the exam room.

    They tell me that General Electric is developing something like this for other hospitals. It's the future. And it's beautiful.


    Speaking of aortas, this is Cardiologist Thomas Behrenbeck, M.D., Ph.D.


    Dr. Thomas Behrenbeck


    I tell him that The Electronic Medical Record is the most thorough system I've seen to examine a patient. (By the way, the endometrial biopsy I had was all clear -- phew! That was my big concern. And Hubster Silvano, the real reason we're here at Mayo, thankfully is A-OK, too.)

    "We are The Mayo Clinic," Dr Behrenbeck says. "That's why you came here. You didn't come to Minnesota for the ice-fishing. Although, ice-fishing can be quite nice."


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Published On: March 13, 2008