Forget Modesty When Sexual Health Is Concerned

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  • And I get stuck with an ADVISORY STICKER??????


    Cancer Vixen - censored!

    Here's why: I heard (indirectly) through the grapevine that some peeps out there thought my last post "TAMOXIFIEND" was "too graphic" and "insensitive."


    To those of you who were offended: apologies if I rubbed you the wrong way. Although the most offensive words I've ever heard are "You have cancer". Hey, that's me.


    But I must tell you: I AM SO NOT DOWN WITH NAY-NAY ON THE VAJAYJAY!!!!!!


    Paging Eve Ensler!!!!!


    Eve, why not do The Vagina DIALOGUES!!!!!!


    Cancer Vixen - below the belt

    Remember way back in the not-so-distant past when boobs had their own dark ages?

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    Thank God THOSE days are over.


    Where would we without BREAST cancer awareness?


    That's something I don't want to even think about it.


    To the Vajayjay Naysayers I say, (that is, if you're still with me) I have a four-letter word for you, and it begins with "F"..

    Fear - Cancer Vixen

    Bet you thought I was thinking something else. (In that case, there's hope for you yet!)


    FEAR. Fear is what happened to me when I first went on Tamoxifen aka "Tamoxifiend." I had closed door, hushed-tone meetings with my medical team. And you know what? Screw feeling embarrassed or ashamed! What's painful is NOT talking about it when you consider the alternative: lousy, painful sex IF YOU FEEL LIKE HAVING IT AT ALL. Your partner doesn't understand why your libido has been torpedoed...


    I'm Hurt - Cancer Vixen


    Isn't it better to connect than reject?


    Speaking of connecting, I got some AMAZING TIPS from my Vixen Sistahs out there.


    Vixens, take the floor....


    Michele Hyra - Team Hyra - breast cancer


    KTJOZ - breast cancer and sex


    Ok, Yours Truly here again.


    I especially love the bit about having a "ROCKING TIME IN BED..."


    So, allow me to use that old expression: From her lips to...



    Cancer Vixen - goddess


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Published On: March 30, 2008