Free Mammograms Available for the Uninsured

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  • Do I have to BEG?

    My oncologist, Dr. Paula Klein, and Nurse Practioner Mary Ann Guiliano were really happy about the Free Mammograms screening.


    I was so grateful to have the opportunity and the ability to start the CANCER VIXEN FUNd which benefits uninsured women, as you know, I was one of 47 million uninsured when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.


    Maybe it was record-breaking heatwave here in Manhattan that kept everyone away. Besides, name a day anyone would want to get a their boob squished, especially on a summer day when everyone's passing out from sunstroke.

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    (The Cancer Vixen FUNd now does two screenings a year - and the next one that isn't on National Mammography Day will definitely take place in May and NOT July!)

    Maybe our viral eblasts and gorilla campaign of blanketing the area with flyers didn't reach enough people. (We didn't hire an advertising agency to get the word out, we wanted the money we raised to the women we raised it for - the uninsured - so they can get screened.)

    Maybe it's because women just don't want to get a mammogram at all, (duh!) despite the fact that early detection is the closest thing we have to a cure.

    Whatever the reason for our turnout of only 33 women, I am grateful that we were able to do the screening, but we can definitely screen more.


    So, October 17, this coming National Mammography Day, I'm asking all of you, if you know of any women, 35 or older with a family history of breast cancer, or 40 and older who are uninsured and underinsured, please send them to us.

    We have the funds. We have the facility. We do it all for you.

    By the way, that's my Smother, aka the Sophia Loren of New Jersey, yelling "cut!"


Published On: July 22, 2008