Women Flirting with Breast Cancer Patients' Husbands

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  • It's easy to blame John Edwards - AND WE SHOULD. But what about Rielle Hunter? (Love the last name - talk about on the nose!)


    It's bad enough to have to hear about a woman hitting on a married man, but to do it when the wife is going through a life-threatening illness and brag about it, to put your friends up to talk about it on your behalf on national television, to accept payment of campaign funds, to get paid off (and we all know what that implies) is just about the lowest of the low in human behaviour, especially when you've been through what we've been through.

    I should know, it happened to me one night while the hubster Silvano and I were having dinner outside at Da Silvano, in 2004.

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    Apparently word had gotten out I had just been diagnosed.

    (In New York, good news always travels fast.)

    "So, how's your cancer?" A woman asked me, whom I'd never met.


    She quickly handed Silvano her number and said,

    "Here's my card, I'm not sick..."

    And then...


    John Edwards Affair - Cancer Vixen 1

    Edwards affair - Cancer Vixen 2

    Rielle Hunter - Cancer Vixen 3


    Yes, Silvano took her card, which ironically was pink, and he fed it to a dog.


    (For the record, I have a photographic memory, and that's exactly what she looked like.)

    Even though my husband's response was phenomenal, and humorous. Her number as dogfood? Ha! I still shake with rage when I think about her.

    Not the kind of peaceful, healing emotions that you should have when you're trying to heal yourself and survive. I can only imagine what Elizabeth Edwards is going through.

    So, if anyone knows anyone who is engaging in this kind of behaviour, tell them to stop.

    Be a sister to one of our sisters, even if the bitch ain't.


Published On: August 15, 2008