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    Wow. My first tour stop is here in Atlanta. And I'm with the Mastermind behind the Cancer Vixen-C.O. Bigelow line, the Fashionisto*Activisto himself, Ian Ginsberg!

    Ian Ginsberg at C.O. Bigelow

    The Bath & Body Works people in Atlanta were amazing! They surprised me with cookies in the shape of shoes with magenta icing, (they were DEEEE-LISH!!!) magenta flowers and Fuji water with magenta ribbons tied around the bottles. The displays were beautiful, and they had magenta flowers made, and they pinned one on my sweater. What really blew me away was their display of passion.


    Pink cookies in Atlanta

    No matter whether you love National Breast Cancer Awareness Month or not, it IS amazing to see how much people really want to do what they can to help. And I met a lot of these people in Atlanta yesterday on the first stop of my tour.

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    In Atlanta, I heard so many stories about women who have cancer, had cancer. I spoke to sons and daughters and nieces and nephews and uncles and aunts and mothers and friends whose loved ones have cancer.

    By the end of the evening, I wasn't tired of drawing. I was sick of cancer.


    BTW, here's the first portrait of the night!

    First Cancer Vixen portrait in Atlanta

    The thing that made me really happy about doing this all was the feeling that we contributed to money to fund research. The money was donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and the only thing that will eradicate cancer off the planet IS money. 

    I was grateful that I was there to tell the woman who had a lump to call her doctor. I was grateful for the chance to meet the son whose mother has stage four cancer but doesn't have insurance. He came to meet me because he and his wife go to everything they can because they want to help.


    Well, later today I'll try to get you more stories from Miami.

    Until then, I am signing off from Atlanta.

    Peace, Love and Health Insurance for All!


Published On: September 26, 2008