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    I'm blogging from the Bath & Body Works in the Dadeland Mall in Miami, where I just did another in-store appearance, and as I was looking at the beautiful display, cakes, coffee and the happy hosts, this occurred to me:

    Memo to Corporate America...

    Do you want to increase traffic in your store?


    Do you want to establish good will with your customers?


    Do you want your products in magazines, get a buzz going about your products and energize your brand?


    Maybe then, you should do what C.O. Bigelow did and align yourself with a LEGITIMATE breast cancer charity.

    (A 250,000 dollar donation was made by C.O. Bigelow to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and funded a researcher.)

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    Sure, I'm certain that there are people out there who say that when companies (or cartoonists) do it, they're riding on the pink band wagon, they're only in for the good PR, but you know what?

    So what!

    Here's a "newsflash for you": Women are still dying.

    In case you been living under a rock, cancer hasn't been cured, and our government has cut the funding for research.

    Until there IS a cure...shut up and don't sink the pink ribbon.

    Love, Peace and Health Insurance for All!



Published On: September 27, 2008