The Healing Power of Words: Write About Your Experience with Breast Cancer

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  • A lot of books have been written about personal experiences with breast cancer, and I say: keep 'em coming!

    The healing power of words cannot be underestimated. Mary Ann Guiliano, my nurse at St. Vincent's calls it "objective journaling." I didn't know it was even a term when I was writing as I went through breast cancer, but it really helped me take the experience off myself (or get it off my chest) and onto the page!

    Better on the page than on me! For this very same reason, I never used the word "my" in front of "cancer."

    (Ironically, I blog here at "my" I am inserting space here "")

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    Now my goal is to never let "it" get to my chest/breast to begin with.

    And I say to all you women out there: WRITE! WRITE! WRITE!

    Thoughts, gals?


Published On: February 17, 2009