Research: Eating Apples can Lower Risk of Breast Cancer

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  • Hello Darling Vixens!

    It's time for a tasty update. According to Rui Hai Liu, a Cornell researcher who published SIX STUDIES on breast cancer and diet in the past year, an apple a day can keep the breast doctor away!


    Now, isn't that a DELICIOUS fact?


    And apples are everywhere, you don't have to climb Mount FUJI to find them. (Although the cardio would be good for your heart health.)

    You don't have to order them online from your MACINTOSH.

    They don't cost a lot of GREEN, and the more you eat, the greater your chances of outliving GRANNY SMITH.

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    So, gals, take advantage of of this GOLDEN opportunity, and bite!


    FYI, my preference: PINK LADY apples.


    cancer vixen apples


    After all, my Gorgeousnesses... you are what you eat!

    *I got this data via vitaljuiceeverywhere.


Published On: February 23, 2009