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  • Over the weekend, a woman at the young survivors conference (the 9th Annual Conference for Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer) asked an oncologist from Dana Farber about soy.

    His response was that you'd have to eat "a ton" of it for the soy to have an effect on your cancer. Gee, thanks for the awesomely unspecific answer, doc!

    Here's my own personal SOY story:

    When I was diagnosed with b.c., I went to a highly regarded much acclaimed Big City Integrative Specialist who, for the purposes of this blog, will be referred to as "Dr. Natural".

    Dr. Natural, who had FAKE PLANTS IN HIS DIRTY FULL OF FLIES OFFICE - recommended that I should eat PLENTY of SOY even though he was aware that I had a tumor that was ESTROGEN BASED.

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    My Dear Glamour Vixens, here is some soy info from the American Cancer Society (via - - soy 2.0).

    Some researchers suggest that soy may act as an anti-estrogen and reduce cancer growth, while others suggest their estrogenic activity could cause cancers to grow faster.

    Until this issue is resolved, many oncologists recommend that people who are taking tamoxifen or aromatase inhibitors, or people with estrogen-sensitive breast tumors should avoid adding large amounts of soy, including soy supplements or isoflavones, to their diets.

    Ok, me again. And I say, when in doubt - spit it out!

    In other words:



Published On: March 04, 2009