Keri's Breast Cancer Story: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

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  • My name is Doug Haberstroh, and this is the story of my wife Keri. Shortly after we were married, Keri was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was only 25 years old. It was her wish to share her story with the world. Keri had recently started chemotherapy treatment for the second time. While she was disappointed to be going through chemo and all of its side effects again, somehow she managed to stay positive.





    Subject: Hair today....gone tomorrow.

    Sent: Monday, September 19, 2005 11:46 AM


    Well, here we go again. I consider myself pretty lucky so far that I've avoided many side effects and done so well. Unfortunately there is one side effect that I cannot avoid and that is hair loss. It began yesterday and is not drastic yet.

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    Just a few strands here and there and of course if I pull them out they are willing, but nothing on the pillow yet. You would think it would be easier this time especially with my hair being short still, but it's almost harder because it was getting so long and thick and I was so excited about it coming back.


    Oh well I guess at least I know it will come back again and it really only takes about three months to get to the stage it is now. So I'm attaching some pictures that we took on Labor Day to show you how thick and nice it was starting to look. We'll see how things go this time with losing it. I think I'll wait for a while to see how much comes out, but if I end up with my spots like I did last time we'll just figure a way to get it all out and be bald. That way when it does come back in it will have a fresh start.


    Just a small update on my progress. Second session is this Thursday and we'll be half way done. Yeah!!! Seems lately though I'm not as concerned with the chemo as I am the fact that I can't wear half my wardrobe because you can tell that things are not situated where they are supposed to be. It gets frustrating when I am trying to dress nicely for church or something and I can't wear the shirt I want to because you can see that one boob is where it is supposed to be and the other is too high. I can't wait for winter and layers so then you just can't tell at all that I have any boobs. Seems like that would be easier to deal with.


    Enough about my vanity problems. I hope you all are having a great day. I have finished one book out of my stack of novels that I need to be reading and am on to a second book. I still have 6 more to go so maybe I'll be keeping the tv off for a while during the day. Talk to you later.






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    A Note from Doug: We're also telling Keri's breast cancer story as a weekly comic strip. Check back each week to follow her treatment and life. Last week's episode, Episode 6, focuses on Keri learning that she must start chemotherapy again.


Published On: September 13, 2007