Keri's Metastatic Breast Cancer Story: Radiation Treatment Plan for Cancer That Has Spread

Doug Haberstroh Health Guide
  • My name is Doug Haberstroh, and this is the story of my wife Keri. Keri was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 at the age of 25.


    In this entry, Keri explains to friends and family the treatment plan for her radiation, now that the breast cancer is metastatic. The news that Keri's cancer had spread caught us both off guard. We hoped that the radiation treatment would truly be the final step to full recovery.


    Subject: Treatment Plan

    Sent: Friday, March 31, 2006 9:49 AM


    Hello All,


    Here goes... we have had the results of my scans that were taken earlier this week and they have all shown up clear. Meaning the cancer has only spread to the one spot in my sacrum. This is good news. That means we only have to do the radiation on the one spot and get rid of it and then we are done "again."

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    So we have had to set up appointments with the radiologist, and he has informed us of how things are going to go and how many we will be going through. He is going to take it slow and give me small doses at a time because I will tolerate that better and the side effects will not be as bad. Therefore we will be doing 25 treatments starting on Monday. So it will be daily and will take 5 weeks.


    These treatments will take only a few minutes, and I'll be in and out of the office in no time. He will be treating me from two sides and shooting the radiation in from each hip. This way he gets it from both angles and makes sure that he gets it all. The machine moves around my body so that I lay in one position on the table and it is the machine that moves to the two positions.


    They did some extra measurements and put more marks on me yesterday to make sure that everything is perfect for the treatments to start. Hopefully within a few treatments the pain that I am feeling will go away, being that is the goal.


    One down side of this treatment plan is that I cannot take any breaks in the treatment. We really have to go all 25 straight through. This means that we had to cancel our Disney trip for now. We'll get there though some other time. Not much else to tell you right now.


    The doctors and nurses are all very nice in this office and they are taking care of me like I was one of their own children. Doug has a short TDY this next week, but will go with me to my first treatment and then he'll be back by Friday. The doctors said that in the first week it's really too early for the side effects to take place so I should be just fine. Plus, other than the skin irritation the side effects should be very mild if any. So we'll knock this out and be on our way.


    I guess this is why they tell you that the first couple of years are a roller coaster with it moving or coming back. Hopefully, this will be the last of it, and we won't have to deal with it ever again or at least for a long time from now. I keep telling myself if I deal with this now, then it just means I don't have to deal with it when I'm older. Take care and I'll let you all know how the treatments go as they start. It's nice to have a weekend to play before they start though.


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    Love to you all,


Published On: November 06, 2007