Breast Cancer Training Conferences Are a Fantastic Place to Learn

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  • We all want to make a meaningful difference in our lives. In breast cancer, the issues are complex and often it's hard to know what is the right thing to do. That is one of the reasons we spend so much time training advocates and educating them. A few months ago I told you about the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund's 16th Annual Advocacy Training Conference. It is now less than two weeks away from that meeting, which is the largest and most impactful breast cancer advocacy event of the year. This year's promises to be our best conference yet. An array of speakers, lecturers and panelists will be on hand from across the health care and health policy spectrum: women's health pioneer, Dr. Susan Love; epidemiologist and breast cancer survivor and advocate Dr. Kay Dickersin; and Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel, Chair of the Department of Bioethics at The Clinical Center of NIH, to name just a few. Shannon Brownlee, the journalist, essayist and author of the bestselling book, "Overtreated", will also be there, and so will Eleanor Clift, contributing editor for Newsweek and McLaughlin Group regular.

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    Clearly, there is much to be learned, and your ticket of admission begins with a simple step: registration. If you haven't yet registered, please do so today.


    NBCCF conferences are always about empowering advocates, presenting the most important, cutting edge issues in breast cancer research, health care and policy and giving individuals the tools to make a real difference. There will be no less than thirteen new workshops, involving, for example, scientists at the center of the latest news in breast cancer research and public policy strategists with proven records of success. NBCCF too, will make news, as we unveil NBCC's Framework for a Health Care System Guaranteeing Access to Quality Health Care for All. And, since we are in the heat of a crucial presidential election, there will be high-level representatives from each of the three campaigns, discussing what his or her candidate will do in health care as President.


    There will be a lot going on. Since you can't be everywhere all the time, we are inaugurating the NBCCF Conference Blog as the source of everything going on at the 16th Annual Advocacy Conference. We will be regularly posting the sights and sounds of the conference as well as commentary from many of our speakers and attendees. Share them with your friends all over the country and the world.


    So, be sure to attend our conference - and, while you are there, visit the NBCCF Conference Blog - before the conference, during, and afterwards, too. Learn. Reconnect. Make a Difference.


Published On: April 16, 2008