Democrats, Republicans Fight for the Breast Cancer Lobby

Fran Visco Health Guide
  • We have just witnessed several days of the Democrats making their case before the American public; next week the Republicans will do the same.


    Both parties have written their platforms, and at the conventions, the delegates will ratify them. These documents serve as a roadmap to understanding what voters can expect from a potential McCain or Obama presidency and from other elected officials of each party.


    NBCC has issued our own 2008 Federal Platform, which speaks for the women and men across the country who are demanding an end to breast cancer. Breast cancer is a political issue and NBCC's platform is our roadmap to what candidates and public officials of all political persuasions must do to make a difference in breast cancer. And we hold them accountable for their actions.

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    Our website,, is your source for all the news about the presidential election and breast cancer. This past week's postings included a look at the Democratic platform, noting the party's commitment to quality and affordable health care and its endorsement of the value of evidence-based health care. What they will actually do about these issues remains to be seen. Of course, we at NBCC will be there constantly pushing them beyond promises to action. Next week we will focus on the Republican platform, so be sure to take a look.


    At, you can learn more about NBCC's platform and hear what the candidates are saying about it on the campaign trail. While you're there, sign our Voter Pledge, in honor or memory of someone who has had breast cancer. Then, bookmark the site or add it to your blog reader so you can stay on top of all the campaign news that impacts breast cancer.


    We hope you make Breast Cancer Caucus one of your must-read sites and tell your friends about it too. Together we can work to end breast cancer.


Published On: August 27, 2008