Tigerlilly Foundation Provides Meals, Financial Assistance to Breast Cancer Patients

Maimah Karmo Health Guide
  • Sometimes things happen in your life that you can't explain, like me getting breast cancer at 32...then with four words, "you have breast cancer", watching it all fall apart.  Nearly three years ago, I was in your shoes. I too, got that call that changed my life and turned my life upside down.  "what the heck?" I thought.  "Why is this happening?"  "What will happen to me?"  For months, I struggled with getting on top of my diagnosis, learning how to control my fear, trying to figure out what life would mean for me in the future.  What about my career, my desires, my home, my friends, my future, my dreams - and most importantly, before all of those, my daughter.

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    I knew that I had to personally do something to kick the a-@ of this thing that was trying to wreck havoc in my life and that something became Tigerlily Foundation.  I knew that what I did had to be something different, something that I wish would have been there for me when I had gotten diagnosed.  The name Tigerlily is symbolic of women's beauty, strength and ability to be transformed through all seasons.  Through chemo, we might lose our "petals" - hair, breast(s), and maybe be unable to have children, but our inner beauty and power transcends all that and instead of us letting this crazy disease get us down and keep us down, we refuse to succumb and we rise up like a phoenix and put a finger in breast cancer's eye.


    Through Tigerlily Foundation's support and services, you can also get much needed support with meals, financial assistance, buddies and sometimes just by having someone to talk to who TOTALLY gets that it's all f-d up and you're pissed and scared and just want it to be over... and also who knows that you are still a girl, a young woman with desires and needs and all the stuff that comprises your life.  I mean, geez, it's tough asking a girl to give up a martini for a year, but we do it; and who wants a guy anyway if he's afraid to see your one boob, or a quarter boob.  This breast cancer thing can be tough, but there are ways to get through it - sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry, sometimes you just want to forget it's there - until you take off your wig, sometimes it seems so much bigger than you, but it's not - you are.


    But just keep pressing on, and keep being you, because no matter what your diagnosis, how much time you'll be on this EARTH, all you have is what you do now and how you rise up to this moment. 

    I'd love to be there for you and support you.  On Monday, I go for my annual mammogram. Am I scared out of my mind?  Hell yeah, but onward and upward...and in the mean time, I live, I give and I love. 


    Visit the Tigerlilly Foundation website to learn more about crazy me, the programs/services we provide or if you'd like to be one of our Fearless Females...until then, peace, love and hair grease...yes, I said it...so '80's, but whateva! 

    Love ya,

Published On: July 23, 2009