Thursday, October 02, 2014
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It’s Not All About Weight: Exercise for Strength and Endurance

You sweat your way through a step workout, then lift weights. You dutifully walk a brisk 3 miles – and the needle on the scale hasn’t budged! You know what? That’s OK. And here’s why.


From a very young age right on up into our Golden Years, many of us keep a sharp eye on the bathroom... Read moreChevron

Stay Healthy – Keep Moving!

You don’t have to trek to the gym to exercise. There are plenty of ways to burn calories, build strength, and stay limber right in the comfort of your own home.


Exercise is a proven breast-cancer preventive: women who exercise are less likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than more sedentary... Read moreChevron

Breast Cancer Online: Top Apps

It’s challenging to wade through all the hundreds of breast cancer apps out there. Here are the ones I feel are truly useful to women dealing with breast cancer. 


Wouldn’t it be nice, the next time you’re visiting your oncologist, to be able to take out your iPhone and tell the doctor exactly... Read moreChevron

Playing to Your (Dis)Abilities: Aging and Exercise

Are you forgetful, weaker than you’d like to be, less able to multi-task? Hey, that’s Boomer life for you – after all these decades, at least we’re still alive! Here are some hints for turning the vagaries of aging into something positive: exercise.


As the years pile up and our bodies break... Read moreChevron

How to Beat Exercise Block: 5 Tips for Boomers

Exercise. Exercise. EXERCISE. It’s all you hear these days, isn’t it? But as we get older – and seem to lose energy as quickly as we gain weight – exercise becomes more a guilt-inducing word than part of a healthy lifestyle. Here are five tips for getting past the “I hate exercise”... Read moreChevron