Monday, January 26, 2015
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Vitamin D: What’s Your Optimum Daily Dose?

Health claims for vitamin D have rocketed over the past decade, with studies showing evidence that sufficient vitamin D in your daily diet can do everything from increase cardiovascular health to reduce cancer risk. Not all vitamin D health claims are legitimate; many have yet to be proven over time. But one thing we know: vitamin D is an... Read moreChevron

6 Best Magnesium-Rich Foods for Strong Bones

You know how important calcium and vitamin D are to bone health. But did you know that a host of other vitamins and minerals – including magnesium – play small but vital roles in keeping bones strong? 


What’s your RDA (recommended dietary allowance) for calcium? 


If... Read moreChevron

Resolved: To Be Cancer-Free

Treatment’s over. You feel healthy again. What can you do to help prevent a repeat of your cancer experience?


You’ve been through breast cancer. You had a lumpectomy and Read moreChevron

Resolutions To Make For Bone Health

Among all the other resolutions you might be making today, how about one that’s critical to your health and well-being? Preserving your bone strength should be one of your resolutions this year to help extend your mobility. Here are five important things to consider as you begin the new year.


Diet, exercise,... Read moreChevron

New Year's Resolutions: How Did You Do?

Remember those resolutions you made last January 1? I can almost guarantee they centered around diet, exercise, or both. Now, as the year winds down, it’s time to look back and see whether you kept those promises to yourself.   


“I’m going to lose 10 pounds this year if it kills... Read moreChevron