Tuesday, November 25, 2014
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10 Things to Be Thankful For When You Have Cancer

Thankful – for cancer? While some scattered survivors are happy to have had cancer (me among them), most don’t connect thankfulness with a deadly disease. Still, as Thanksgiving rolls around again (with the holiday frenzy right behind), I’d like to remind you that, despite cancer, there are still things in your life... Read moreChevron

3D Mammography: Coming Soon to a Hospital Near You?

A new type of mammography has been making its way into hospitals and health centers for the past several years. Is it available where you go for your mammogram? And, if so – is it right for you? 


Do you dread your yearly Read moreChevron

Early Detection Saves Lives: Do You Have a Plan?

According to the American Cancer Society, the 5-year survival rate for women diagnosed with early breast cancer is upwards of 99%. How can you ensure you’ll find any potential breast cancer early, before it spreads? Make an early detection plan, and stick with it.  


Breast cancer. It’s the disease... Read moreChevron

RA and Breast Cancer: What You Need to Know

Women with RA (rheumatoid arthritis) may experience a range of challenges when it comes to breast health. From breast cancer risk to mammograms and other screening tools, we offer FAQS helpful to any woman with RA, or other autoimmune condition. Thanks to Lene Andersen on our Read moreChevron

The Cancer Journey: 10 Ways Friends and Family Can Help

Breast Cancer Awareness Month brings this agonizing disease front and center. Many of us know (and love) a woman with breast cancer; what are the best things you can do or say to help her through it?


1. Listen more than you speak.

Don’t clam up like you’ve just stepped into... Read moreChevron