Friday, November 27, 2015
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Thanksgiving: Don't Worry, Be Happy

When you’re dealing with cancer, it’s easy to slip into despair. Thanksgiving is a great time for an attitude... Read moreChevron

Thanksgiving Dinner: It’s All About Choices

Those of us with chronic health conditions tend to live by the book: carefully monitoring sleep duration and patterns, activity levels and types, and what (and when) we eat. All of this detail surrounding what most people take for granted – health – can be exhausting, both physically and emotionally. What would happen if you... Read moreChevron

Skip the Calcium Supplements? Yes.

Flying in the face of everything we’ve heard over the years, researchers now conclude that calcium supplements – and/or increasing calcium intake via diet – does nothing to prevent bone fractures in people over the age of 50.


Calcium is good for you. Calcium keeps your bones strong. Make... Read moreChevron

Chemo: Yes or No? New Research Validates Oncotype DX

Women diagnosed with breast cancer often face one of their toughest decisions early in treatment: should I undergo chemotherapy, or not? Building research shows that one particular test can make this decision a whole lot easier.


The... Read moreChevron

Black Women and Breast Cancer: The Danger Deepens

In the past, white women were more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than black women. But no more: the American Cancer Society’s latest... Read moreChevron