Sunday, August 30, 2015
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Bone Drugs May Reduce Breast Cancer Recurrence and Death – But at What Cost?

Several recent meta-analyses (grouped results of research studies) show that aromatase inhibitors (AIs) are more effective than tamoxifen at... Read moreChevron

"Breast Cancer Bombshell" – Reality or Media Hype?

A well-known national media outlet headlined its morning television news Friday with the words "Breast Cancer Bombshell" splashed across the screen. And yet the ensuing story was scarcely a "bombshell" to those who follow breast cancer research. For real news, you need to read beyond the headlines.


Another... Read moreChevron

5 Things to Do If You Fear Hair Loss From Chemo

You've been diagnosed with breast cancer. Your oncologist says you need chemo. Your first thought? "I'm going to go bald!" Well, possibly not; and being... Read moreChevron

Five Things You Should Know About Breast Pain and Swelling


Many women experience breast pain and swelling at least once over the course of their lifetime. Here are the five most common causes... Read moreChevron

Walk to Live a Longer Life


A new research study reveals a strong connection between all types of exercise (even simple walking) and longevity. Here's some inspiration for finding the time (and... Read moreChevron