Monday, September 01, 2014
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How to Beat Exercise Block: 5 Tips for Boomers

Exercise. Exercise. EXERCISE. It’s all you hear these days, isn’t it? But as we get older – and seem to lose energy as quickly as we gain weight – exercise becomes more a guilt-inducing word than part of a healthy lifestyle. Here are five tips for getting past the “I hate exercise” barrier.   Do you like... Read moreChevron

Research Roundup: Progress Towards a Breast Cancer Cure

This month’s top news stories from the world of breast cancer research – and their potential impact on you.   Does taking birth control pills increase breast cancer risk? A new study says yes. But hold on; the news isn’t as distressing as it might seem.   An article printed early this month in the online journal Cancer... Read moreChevron

Is This Underarm Lump Serious?: Five Ways to Tell

You notice a lump in your armpit – something that wasn’t there before. Don’t panic – but don’t brush it off, either. This simple checklist will help you determine whether or not to see the doctor now, or wait until later.   Did you know that your breast tissue extends up into your underarm area? And that your... Read moreChevron

Is This Breast Pain Serious? Five Ways to Tell

When is that pain in your breast “normal” – and when should you see a doctor? When is it too soon to worry – and how long is too long to wait? A checklist for understanding and dealing with breast pain.   You wake up one morning, and realize your left breast is aching.   Did you sleep awkwardly and pinch a nerve?... Read moreChevron

Eating Right: 10 Foods for Healthy Breasts

When you think breast health, you probably think avoiding breast cancer. But there’s more to healthy breasts than simply protecting yourself from cancer. Check out these foods that not only cut your cancer risk, but also build muscle, and help keep your weight down – both key goals for healthy, younger-looking... Read moreChevron