Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Breast Reconstruction: Two Women Share Their Stories

When you get the devastating news you have breast cancer, you’re suddenly asked to make lots of decisions very quickly – decisions for which you feel woefully unprepared. Lumpectomy or mastectomy? Traditional or fast-track radiation? Chemo: yes or no?   One of the toughest decisions of all doesn’t even impact your cancer.... Read moreChevron

Considering Breast Reconstruction? I’m Glad I Did It, and Here’s Why

Are you having difficulty making up your mind about whether to have your surgeon build you a new breast, post-mastectomy? Perhaps my experience will help you come to a decision.   A dozen years ago, after being scheduled for a mastectomy to remove my right breast, I was asked if I wanted to consider breast reconstruction.... Read moreChevron

Breast Reconstruction: Body Tissue (Autologous) Reconstruction

Once you’ve decided to have body tissue reconstruction, your job’s still not done. Now you need to choose exactly what type of surgery: where on your body the extra tissue will come from, and how it’ll be used to build a new breast. Here’s the information you need to help you make this decision.    Q. I’ve... Read moreChevron

Breast Reconstruction: Choosing What Type

Once you decide to have breast reconstruction surgery, you need to choose which type: saline/ silicone implants, or surgery using your own body tissue (autologous reconstruction). Here are the details on each that’ll help you make your best decision.   Q. I’ve heard there are lots of different choices for reconstruction. Can you... Read moreChevron

Breast Reconstruction: Yes or No?

One of the tougher decisions many women make around cancer treatment is whether to pursue breast reconstruction after surgery – either a major lumpectomy, or mastectomy. Here’s some guidance on how to make that decision.   Q. I’m about to have a lumpectomy, but they’re warning me I might ultimately need a mastectomy.... Read moreChevron