Emotional Support for Breast Cancer Patients and Friends

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  • Breast cancer can hurt your soul as well as your body. Enjoy these healing moments, posts from our archives for your mind and heart.

    Strength Of The Sisterhood 
    Breast cancer is a war, treatment its many battles. “I’ve got your back” is the mantra of our sisterhood of survivors.

    The Comeback Kid And Beating Cancer
    Living with, and beyond cancer – and never, ever giving up.

    Changing Your Priorities And Capturing Hearts
    You’re not Superwoman – and you don’t have to be.

    In The Company Of Women
    Breast cancer builds bonds among survivors that stand the test of time.

    A Chance Encounter Between a Survivor and Patient

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    Long-term survivors helping newbies – time and distance offer a clear perspective.

    Can Getting Cancer Make You Happy?
    What, having cancer can bring joy to your life?! For many, it’s absolutely true. Read on…

    Cancer Friends
    We’re all in this together: instant friends in the waiting room.

    You’re Stronger Than You Think
    If you get breast cancer, how will you handle it? Better than you’d ever imagine. 

    The Loss Of Control That Comes With Cancer
    Let go of those reins, and let someone else drive for awhile.

    It's OK To Yell
    Enough with the Perfect Lady act – let it all out!


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Published On: September 30, 2009