Too Busy to Think about Breast Cancer

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  • I've been feeling terrible lately about not writing any Shareposts.  Until I realized the reason why I haven't been writing any Shareposts:


    I've been too busy to think about breast cancer.


    Who would have thought the day would ever come that I'd get up, go about my business, and not think about my reconstructed body for most of the day?  Certainly not me.  A year ago, I was still having trouble getting out of a chair, off the couch, in and out of the car.  A year ago I was recuperating; still getting back on my feet, literally and figuratively; still waiting for my life to restart.  The only thing I was busy doing last year was getting better and waiting for my body to heal.

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    Last year I was too busy thinking about breast cancer to think about anything else.


    Now things are different.  They're back to normal.   Whatever normal means, given the fact that the equivalent of a meteor hit my life and kind of shut it down for a while.  Now I'm busy with my son -- walking him to school every morning instead of driving, and walking to pick him up in the afternoon.  I'm busy taking him to the pool at my parents' condominium, busy beating him at Guitar Hero (that's a video game, by the way), busy walking on the treadmill in the basement while he talks to me about his day.


    I've been busy flying with him and my parents  (75 and 80 years old respectively) to Los Angeles for my niece's bat mitzvah; busy seeing family I haven't seen in a long time; busy having the usual pre-party panic attack because I have nothing to wear, then busy doing the usual mad-dash to find something to wear and a Spanx so that I'll be able to fit into it.


    I've been busy with a new book -- not a novel this time, but ghostwriting a self-help book for a real-life matchmaker from Buffalo, New York, who had a terrific reality show last summer on A&E that I watched all the time since I wasn't busy doing anything else. I've been busy going to New York to meet with her and our publisher; busy buying a giant new printer for all the pages I'm writing; busy figuring out the best way to tell her story and communicate her advice so that it sounds exactly like she's talking, instead of it sounding like me trying to sound like her talking; busy finally getting a Blackberry and trying to understand how to use it.


    I've been busy trying to figure out how to make my hair look decent since for some reason it's never looked worse; busy going off gluten (okay, it's only my third day and I'll probably be back on gluten before I finish writing this post); busy figuring out what kind of kitchen appliances to buy since I suspect they're all going to at exactly the same time:  any day now.


    The one thing I haven't been busy doing is thinking about breast cancer.  Which has freed up just enough time for me to finally sit down and write a Sharepost.

Published On: June 04, 2008