Tuesday, February 28, 2017
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LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum: Day Two Review - Brownback and Huckabee

Only two Republican candidates participated in Tuesday's Livestrong Presidential Cancer Forum. I thought four was a poor showing for the Democrats on Monday. But two? I had a hard time mustering the interest to watch this disappointing show of support for a... Read moreChevron

A Survivor's Review of the LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum: Democratic Candidates

Politics isn't necessarily my thing, but cancer is. So I tuned into the Livestrong Presidential Cancer Forum on Monday, August 27 to hear what the Democratic candidates had to say about the cancer question.


Why a forum on cancer? To make sure the... Read moreChevron

Breast Cancer Diagnosis: A Husband and Wife Guide to the First 48 Hours

Jacki and John Donaldson

My mom was the first person I called after learning I had breast cancer. She lives in my neighborhood, and I knew she’d run right over and console... Read moreChevron

Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnotic Mammograms

Please read my new article on screening and diagnostic mammograms. It discusses what they are and their role in breast cancer detection and care.

Also, see more resources on breast exams, from Read moreChevron

New Breast Exam Recommendations: Breast MRI for Women at High Risk

The American Cancer Society recently announced that breast MRI and mammogram, when used together, give doctors a better chance of finding breast cancer early in high-risk women. Early detection of breast cancer is critical because the the cancer is easier to treat and survival... Read moreChevron