Concord Grape Juice: Protection Against Breast Cancer?

Maria Gifford Editor
  • Researchers at the University of Illinois have found natural compounds in Concord grape juice to protect human breast cells from DNA damage, blocking the connection of carcinogen to the DNA of healthy cells.

    However, keep in mind that this research has only been done in a test tube -- not even a clinical trial with animals has been conducted. And, the study was sponsored by Welch's. All of this said, it's too early to know of its potential in women.

    Scientists continue to study the effects of nutrition choices in providing protection against cancer. Consuming juice made from dark purple grapes, as well as other fruits and juices, may be a step in helping to prevent breast cancer. More research is needed.

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    More on this study from EurekAlert!:

    New study suggests Concord grape juice may provide protection against breast cancer



    Maria Gifford

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Published On: August 13, 2007