Living With Metastasis: A New Perspective on Life

Laurie Kingston Health Guide
  • I do not believe that cancer itself is a "gift." However, cancer, or more accurately the process of living through it, has given me many things.


    Among these gifts is a new sense of perspective.


      I shrug off slights that would have had me stewing for days.


      I spend less time worrying about the things that are not within my control.


      I am more forgiving and compassionate.


      I worry less about whether or not people like me.


      I have a clearer idea of the things that are important to me.


      I have a better grasp of the big picture and don't get bogged down in pettiness.

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      I laugh more.


      I express my affection for others more openly.


      I express my fears and insecurities more honestly.


      I appreciate the good things in my life.


    OK. So I am not successful at all of these things every day but my track record is much better than it once was. What's more, in my life before cancer, I'm sure if I would have said that I was happy. Now, I am happy most of the time.


    A shift in my priorities occurred when I found out that my cancer had metastasized. And those priorities have not really shifted back now that my prognosis is more hopeful.


    It's not so much a matter of living every day as if it could be my last (I don't actually think that would feel healthy or peaceful). It's more that I try and savour each new day like an ice cream sundae, appreciating each new flavour, right down to the last little bits in the bottom of the glass (I always did have a sweet tooth).


    Lately, I have been forgetting to live this way. It's time to slow down again, enjoy my life and take pleasure in the things that give me joy.

Published On: July 10, 2008