Breast Reconstruction After Masctectomy and Radiation - What's Next with Lipo, Implants

Natalia Hernandez Health Guide
  • Hey everyone! I wanted to tell you guys about my recent visit to a plastic surgeon to discuss my breast reconstruction.  I had a mastectomy in January of this year and I also had 7 weeks of radiation that I completed at the end of March.  I knew that I can't have a reconstruction until about 6 months after my radiation, but I went ahead and made an appointment for my consultation sooner just to get an idea of what's to come. 


    What Radiation Can Do to Your Breast Skin


    It turns out that radiation actually kills your skin, and in time your skin becomes hard.  My surgeon said that if he was to put in an implant in radiated skin, the skin would be so heavy and hard that it would push the implant into my rib cage.  He said it would be a complete failure. 

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    My Options for Breast Reconstruction, After Radiation


    The only procedure that would work in my case is to take new skin from my stomach and throw away all the brown radiated skin. He would also take the fat from my stomach and put it in the breast.  The procedure is difficult and long, but it would have the best results.  After the lipo and breast has been reconstructed, I would heal for about 3 months and go back to my surgeon's office to have the implants put in. I wouldn't have to have implants, but naturally I want larger breasts. 


    The bad thing is that I don't have a whole lot of fat to take out or enough skin, so my surgeon has instructed me to gain 10 to 15 pounds. The good thing is since we don't need the skin that has been radiated I don't have to wait the 6 months for reconstruction, it can be done right now. 


    The Boob Job Plan... I'll Share Photos!


    If all goes well I should have my surgery done at the end of July.  I will put before and after pictures for eveyone to see for those of you who have recently lost a breast or 2, and want to know how it is going to look once their reconstructed. 


    Please make sure that you get a good doctor to do the procedure.  My surgeon was able to explain many things to me that I had no idea of and he also said that many surgeons who don't have a lot of knowledge on reconstruction and radiation will not only put your body in harm, but your breast can turn out looking horrible and unnatural. I will keep eveyone posted and as soon as I have my surgery and can get on the computer I will tell everyone how it went. 

Published On: May 29, 2008