Bigoski Fundraiser for Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation Raises $28,287

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  • Recently, I wrote about IBC Bowling, the Bigoski family fundraiser for the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation (, and passed along a few of their tips for successful fundraisers. I'm happy to report their ideas worked.


    Jack writes, "We hosted the 5th Annual IBC bowling Day. BIG SUCCESS!!!! $28,287, the most ever of all the 5 years. The total for the five years, $108,615. NOT TOO SHABBY!"


    Jack continues, "This year because my Julie is in the middle of radiation and chemo, the MD thought it best for her to stay away from a crowd of 500 people. Next year she WILL be back with us." You can see pictures of Julie, her family, and the fundraiser at

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    Amy and Mike Saporetti, Jack and Julie's daughter and son-in-law, are in charge of announcing the raffle winners. Amy says, "I enjoy congratulating the winners and seeing their reaction to winning. Each year, my mom creates some amazing baskets for the raffle. This year, two of her coworkers won her baskets. Those two ladies were so excited! It was really cool. I couldn't wait to get home and tell Mom that they had won. It's extra-special when you know the person who wins a prize you donated or put together. IBC Bowling Day '08 was wonderful, and we're really looking forward to '09!"


    Ginny Mason, executive director of the IBC Research Foundation (IBCRF), attended this year. She points out, "The Bigoskis learn something each year that helps them for the next year. Following the event, raffle tickets are counted for each of the items. This helps them determine what are the most popular raffle items and where they should put their efforts for the next year. There is also a little friendly competition going on as various family members try to "out do" the other in how much was raised by their given contribution! It is great fun."


    Ginny really appreciates their efforts saying, "The Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation is only able to raise awareness and move research forward thanks to people like the Bigoskis, who have chosen to use their experience to help us help others. Having shared the day with them, I would label IBC Bowling a ‘FUN raiser' not fund-raiser! It is an opportunity for family and friends of the Bigoskis to come and have fun while raising money to help put an end to inflammatory breast cancer."


    The Bigoskis are thrilled to be able to help the IBC Research Foundation, which has helped them through Julie's initial diagnosis and treatment almost five years ago and with information about Julie's recent metastasis. Jack wants people to understand that "all money raised was sent to IBCRF so they can continue to do what they are so very, very good at. We know that this money will be spent trying to find the cause because with the cause, will come the CURE."


    IBCRF runs a Biobank that provides tissue samples and DNA from IBC patients to researchers. The Foundation also attends many oncology professional meetings to educate doctors about recent research in IBC. Their website has saved lives by providing the information about diagnosis and treatment of IBC. The money from the Bigoski's fundraiser contributes to all of those IBCRF activities, and every one who bowled or bought a raffle ticket learned about inflammatory breast cancer while laughing and cheering on their friends and family.


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    Not too shabby, as Jack would say.



Published On: September 01, 2008