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Having a breast biopsy is the only way to definitely diagnose breast cancer. There are several types of biopsies, including needle biopsy, which is less invasive, and surgical biopsy, which requires a portion of the breast to be removed. The type needed depends on everything from your mammogram to how your breast feels, to your doctor.

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“I had titanium markers in both breasts after a stereotactic biopsy. Since then, I have had some bad reactions with rashes all over and nonstop itching. Has anyone else experienced this?” - Melanie“My wife had a stereotactic biopsy back in September of 2008. They put one of these titanium markers in afterwards. Since then she has…

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Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide, answered what decieces need bioxy?only for… I think the original writer wanted to know about biopsies and wasn't sure of…


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Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide, commented on How it Hits You when you get that kind… Thanks for sharing what you are feeling with the group.  I bet you…




PJ Hamel, Health Guide, answered I have a biopsy scheduled for next… D, if you're having surgery, they would automatically take it out, I'd…


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Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide, answered i've read that 80% of biopsies are… If they do a punch or needle biopsy, you can probably go back to work the…


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