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Having a breast biopsy is the only way to definitely diagnose breast cancer. There are several types of biopsies, including needle biopsy, which is less invasive, and surgical biopsy, which requires a portion of the breast to be removed. The type needed depends on everything from your mammogram to how your breast feels, to your doctor.

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“I had titanium markers in both breasts after a stereotactic biopsy. Since then, I have had some bad reactions with rashes all over and nonstop itching. Has anyone else experienced this?” - Melanie“My wife had a stereotactic biopsy back in September of 2008. They put one of these titanium markers in afterwards. Since then she has times where…

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PJ Hamel, Health Guide, commented on The Titanium Marker: Should You Worry? The problem is, some women aren't informed ahead of time, and wake up to find a…




Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide, answered Is it possible to get an adverse… It's good that the biopsy showed that the lump was a benign fibroadenoma. The…


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Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide, answered Atypical cells with blood? Six months seems to be a standard amount of time for call backs for mammograms when a…


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Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide, answered had breast biopsy,core needle. half… Rose, if you are asking about the difference between the types of breast…


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