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Talking to an Oncologist

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The first trip to see your oncologist can be a anxiety provoking experience.  There are a few ways to help you feel at ease for your first trip.  Try doing some background research on breast cancer.  Consider bringing a spouse or friend to help relieve some stress.  Ask about clincial trials (this could be the best treatment option for you).  It is also important to ask any question that comes to your mind, if something is unclear, ask for clarification. 

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You had a “bad” mammogram. You thought, OK, it’s probably nothing, even though they want me to have a biopsy.You had a biopsy, and waited for the results. You thought, lots of people have breast lumps, and they always turn out to be nothing.Then you got the call. And heard the words.You have breast cancer.That was a few days ago.…

Talking to an Oncologist
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