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The symptoms of breast cancer include unusual lumps in the breasts, swelling in the armpits, itchy nipples, stubborn rashes or painful breasts. However, all of these symptoms can also be the sign of nothing serious. In fact, most of the time breast issues like these are not a sign of cancer. Nevertheless, it is important to track any changes and based on the exact nature of the symptoms decide when it is okay to wait and when you should see a doctor.

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All of us, at one time or another, have had nipple issues. Perhaps it’s discharge, with clear, milky, dark, or even bloody fluid leaking (or being squeezed) out. Often it’s pain—anything from slight sensitivity to a burning soreness. And sometimes it’s a rash, what looks like an infection, or even an inversion, when your nipple decides to…

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PJ Hamel, Health Guide, answered Itchy, swollen nipple Jennie, the best thing you can do to prepare for your upcoming visit is to write down the history…


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PJ Hamel, Health Guide, answered I have sharp pains around my breast… Hi - Since you say both "breast area" and "left side," I'd like to suggest…


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PJ Hamel, Health Guide, answered Why is my right breast suddenly larger? Adrian, you'd do well to see a doctor if you've experienced a sudden dramatic…


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PJ Hamel, Health Guide, answered Do I Have Breast Cancer? Hi - I'm glad you're aware of breast changes, and are being proactive about your health. If…


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